I was first introduced to Jady Baby’s quite sometime ago,  as all of my friends in Saskatoon were crazy about these cute little Mocs.  Ava was a bit older and I had assumed they were just for wee babies, so never paid too much attention, until I’d been tagged for the 500th time by my friends in a Jady Baby’s giveaway, which happens every 500 “likes”.  You’re welcome!

Jady Baby's
Newest additions to Jady Baby’s

I got a chance to pick Jade Barr’s brain about all things Jady Baby’s and so I’m very pleased to be able to offer you some insight into the amazing  world of Jady Baby’s Soft Soled Boots.

I was reintroduced to Jady Baby’s once I became pregnant with my second child and again when I was to be attending the Baby & Tot Show in Abbotsford BC this past October.  You can read my review here.

Q: There is an incredible back story to Jady Baby’s that I had discovered in the last review, but over the years, which part of your adventure thus far has been the most difficult?

A: The most difficult part has been trying to find help keeping up with production. We have trained over 55 men and women to make boots and it’s still just me and my momma sewing our little hearts out.

Q: You won the 2013 Mompreneur award, what kind of effect did that have on Jady Babys?

A: Winning the award for me was exposure and credibility. When I sought out a business advisor he told me I wouldn’t make it out of my basement and to keep doing what I’m doing. The award told me that Jady Babys was so much more than that. That I could accomplish more than just staying in my basement making baby boots for a few dollars. It gave me hope.

Q: Did you always know that you would own your own business? Any advice for moms wanting to get into owning their own business?

A:I didn’t know I would have at some point owned my own business, it honestly never crossed my mind. As I look back at myself as a kid it was very clear to me that I was an entrepreneur, which makes me wish I had someone to see that in me and guide me the right way at a younger age. When I was 13 I found myself interested in hemp necklaces and started using my babysitting money to buy hemp and beads to sell necklaces at outdoor events (Wambo in wallaceburg ON to be specific haha)

Q: What inspires you and your fabric choices?

A:  Apparently I have an eye for fabric? I am very specific for what I choose for the boots, with the odd exception for a widely requested print. It takes me hours to order the right fabrics. I can’t say that there is a n inspiration behind what I choose…I just pretty fabric 🙂

Q: What can we expect to see from Jady Babys in 2015?

A: In 2015 our goal is to have our boots manufactured. This was actually our goal for 2014 but it’s taking a lot longer than expected haha. February will make month 8 of this crazy journey into manufacturing but we’re hoping something will give soon. Once that happens I have a lot of goals that will happen over the year, but goal #1 is boots, boots for everyone!

Q: Approximately, how long does it take to make a pair of mocs?

A:  I’ve been doing it for 5 years so I am much faster at it than everyone else. It roughly takes 1-1.5hrs per pair assuming I’m uninterrupted. In training they can take up to 3-4hrs per pair. For me though, I never get through a full pair without having to answer an email, text, FB message, or tend to a child. If you measure it in that, sometimes it can take me 5hrs to finish a pair.

Moms like Jade are always so inspiring to watch work and Jady Baby’s keeps us on our toes and always wanting more!   I have since had the chance to get my hands on a pair for Zoe, they ended up arriving in our mailbox the same day that miss Zoe arrived.  They are so far our favorite, they get a ton of compliments and most importantly  they keep little toes warm and then stay on!  Follow Jady Baby’s on Twitter, Instagram @Jadybabys and on Facebook!   Also please vote for Jady Baby’s at ADP Small Business Grant.  A grant like this comes with an incredible prize that gives  small business owners a chance to win one of six $10,000 cash prizes and one year of waived payroll fees, valued at up to $3,500.

Jady Baby's Mommy and Me
Jady Baby’s Mommy and Me





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