All About The Author Of The Blog Janette Shearer

Well hello there, it’s so nice to meet you! Let me tell you a little about me. My name is Janette Shearer, I started this blog 3 years ago, formerly known as Vancity Mommy D, we have grown up and expanded and I am now the proud blog owner of Ava to Zoe, covering our lives A to Z.

The new blog name, Ava to Zoe, comes from a place close to my heart, it’s about our lives with me girls! My oldest Ava and my youngest Zoe, no, we didn’t plan it that way! I’m just so incredibly lucky that I have managed to find so much inspiration from my girls that I can name my passion after them and what my life represents now because they chose me!

After experiencing PPD with Ava, I began blogging during my second pregnancy with that experience in mind.  I wanted to be sure to give the loneliness that can sometimes accompany pregnancy and motherhood a voice by embracing my “crazy” with laughter and honesty in hard stuff! That is when Vancity Mommy D happened, it turned into to a community, a place to laugh at your mistakes, to admit when you’ve had a glass of wine at noon, or that you have locked yourself in the closet with cookies because your kids drive you crazy. Just as our previous blog Vancity Mommy D always was, Ava to Zoe is a non-judgment, free of mom-shaming kind of safe place, a sense of togetherness… a community!

I feature honest product reviews, kind uplifting business features,  fun giveaways, honest relatable life stories, and delicious recipes from meals that we ACTUALLY eat. My writing style is very much conversational based, it’s how I speak and I aim for you to find comfort and relate-ability within our words. There isn’t always perfect grammar or spelling, and often we say “amazing” too much and definitely overuse “….. ”

I am highly active on social media for both the blog and the online store Shop Ava To Zoe. Please join my adventure in parenting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! If you aren’t comfortable posting, you can always email me at avatozoeblog (at)

We welcome all Media Groups and PR Agencies to reach out.  I’d love to hear from you and see if we can build a lasting beneficial relationship!

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