It’s so nice to meet you! I’m so glad you found me. I’m Janette Shearer. I started blogging as Vancity Mommy D in 2014. Since then my “mommy” blog has grown and blossomed into the Lifestyle Blog know as Ava to Zoe Curated, a publication named for my daughters, curating our lives A to Z which includes our handmade genuine leather keepsakes and the products we love and use daily. After all, sharing is caring right?!

What is Ava to Zoe Curated?

We recently added the word Curated to our name, as I felt that was an accurate reflection of what we do here. With the girls growing up and not always wanting to be in the photos, I wanted a way to still share our lives while respecting their boundaries and still being able to share the things in our lives that bring purpose and value to our family.

We might curate what we bring to the table here on Ava to Zoe Curated but it’s always filled with experiences, products and real life events that matter to us; Real, Relatable and Unfiltered. Life isn’t perfect and we don’t pretend we are here but I’m all about making life as pleasant and as easy as possible even if there are struggles along the way.

Ava to Zoe Curated is a blog with a purpose close to my heart. I went through postpartum depression in my first pregnancy. I started writing during my second pregnancy in 2016 as a way to cope. I created this cozy corner of the internet as a space of non-judgment for other mamas just trying to get through their days the best way they know how. After all, we’re all in this together.

That sense of community is something so central for Ava to Zoe Curated because I know what it’s like to be on the outside and feeling left out. I was kicked out of a running group and went on to become a three-time sponsored runner in the Vancouver Sun Run. I took that hurt and channeled it into my sport and my community to put more love out there for the people who need it. I’m now a seasoned marathon runner having completed two half marathons in 2020, a SportMed BC Clinic Coordinator, and currently training for my first virtual full marathon.

With that said, we welcome you, and thank you for joining us! Now let’s grab some wine and cookies and settle in for a chat!

What you’ll love on Lifestyle Blog Ava to Zoe Curated

When you join the Ava to Zoe Curated community, you can look forward to honest product reviews and kind, uplifting business features from companies that serve parents in a way that I love. We host fun giveaways, swap real-life stories, and share delicious recipes from meals that we ACTUALLY eat. You get the real deal, friends (from A to Z, and everything in between.)

Ava to Zoe Curated is also an online store, inspired by family and run by Family, Shop Ava To Zoe. Here you can find an assortment of unique leather keepsakes that will either make you laugh or tug on your heart strings. Don’t forget you can always shop our faves!

Ava To Zoe Curated

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and thank you for joining our community! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! Need to drop me a line? You can always contact me via the Contact Us Page or send email me at janette @

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