A Playground Lesson: Always Be Kind! {Free Printable Download}

I’ve had a few moments lately in becoming very aware of how my presence can affect others or vice versa. A little bit of kind goes a long way. Sometimes a smile or lack thereof can set the tone for your entire day. There isn’t anything difficult about a little human decency shared amongst people and yet somehow being kind to each other has become this mountain to climb. It’s all about the little things, always be kind, it’s too easy not too!

Last week I took Zoe to the park by our house, literally 2 blocks from home. There isn’t much to play with but it’s close and there are slides so it does the trick. We arrived and there was a nanny with 2 kids playing in one section a bit further away from us. We played on the slides and we played hide and seek.

Moments later another mother and her son showed up to play. Zoe ran over yelling, “Hi Boy, wanna pay (play)?” Without so much of a glance in her direction, he turned away and did something else. I looked over at the mom and she as well would not even look in my direction. It kind of caught me off guard. The boy was there with his mother for 5 minutes, Zoe ran behind him persistent as always yelling, “Hi Boy, let’s pay!” Both the mother and son ignored both Zoe and I.  Every word spoken fell on deaf ears.

Another Mother and daughter arrived and the same thing happened.  The nanny and kids I mentioned earlier finally came over to play. They afraid of Zoe’s friendliness and the nanny rushed the extremely introverted kids away from Zoe.  As a parent, we left that park that day very discouraged.

As a Mother, the playground is that place to finally sit down and let kids play together and finally catch that breath. It’s the place to know that you are not alone in this thing called Motherhood. It’s a place for kids to learn to wait their turn or to go up the stairs down the slide. This isn’t where kids should learn to ignore others and be fearful of other kids. I left sad for Zoe that this

Zoe, this sweet girl who wanted nothing more than for someone else to play with for 5 minutes was rejected by 4 children in one day. We live in a world where a  2-year-old child is ignored as if she is something to be feared?! Shame on parents for not teaching gentleness to our littles. In a world full of busy schedules and monsters disguised as safe people, why would you teach your child to fear other children? Perhaps it is not intentional, however, encouraging your child to acknowledge another when being spoken is common sense!

Seriously a smile takes but a second, a simple “Hi” is effortless. Those small interactions can make a bad day good again! What if that person you so quickly dismissed earlier had later told you that all it would have taken was a very simple hello, smile or nod to turn their sad day into a happy one? Knowing that sometimes that small simple interaction can actually change a persons life should be reason enough to mindful of our kindness to others.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Always be kind..

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Be kind

This post was previously published last year! I updated a plug in and some SEO and thought it’d be fun to share again!




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