Kliin Dish Cleansing Paste: Powerful Earth Friendly Solutions

Dish Cleansing Paste

Last year around this time, I fell in love with Kliin and their amazing reusable towels, and now they have a new Dish Cleansing Paste. This first-of-its-kind dish paste is complete with degreasing power designed to deliver a squeaky-clean finish to everything it touches. Paired with the Kliin reusable towels, they are truly an earth-friendly dream.

Dish Cleansing Paste

KLIIN dish cleansing paste has tripled the shelf life of traditional dishwashing products and requires less water consumption, translating into cost efficiencies for consumers. The Dish Paste is available in two delicious scents, lemon and lime. The dish paste is the latest product in the Quebec-based company’s line of innovative and eco-responsible household solutions. 

Most traditional cleaning products are made of 70% water and a few other less than natural ingredients, meaning you need to use more to get the results you truly want. Kliin’s dish cleansing paste has a concentrated and soluble formula that significantly reduces water consumption – both by its ingredient list and through its washing process.

Dish Cleansing Paste

While we use our dishwasher every single day, we hand wash all the pots and pans. With two kids who have completely different taste buds, I usually end up using a few different pots and pans to make sure the sauce doesn’t touch the meat ahead of time thus creating more dishes to wash.

With the Kliin dish cleansing paste, I no longer have to fill the sink with soapy water. I simply apply the paste with my Kliin reusable towel, scrub and rinse using only the water needed.

Dish Cleansing Paste

One thing that I love about the dish cleansing paste, aside from the amazing results, is that it actually lasts 3 times longer.

All around it’s a win win.. not only does Kliin dish cleansing paste last longer, it saves me money retailing at $7.99. The Dish Cleansing Paste lasts roughly 6 months when used daily and comes in a 250g container. Did I mention that it’s a multipurpose solution? I use it to clean not only the sink but also the countertops, stovetops, oven and so much more. This paste truly packs a real punch!

We made a switch to Kliin reusable towels almost a year ago now and have saved so much money on paper towels. One compostable KLIIN towel is the equivalent of 17 rolls of traditional paper towels, biodegrades in 28 days, and holds up to 15 times its weight in water. They are also machine washable up to 300 times and made from natural fibers, which completely eliminates the need for paper towel.

Dish Cleansing Paste

Another one of my recent discoveries from my friends at Kliin was two of their most recent innovations – 100% compostable compressed sponges and hand soap sheets. I think of how many times I’ve been out with the girls and we reluctantly hit a public restroom. Most times, Zoe can’t even reach the soap and what’s worse, most times the soap dispenser is empty. I now keep a pack of hand soap sheets in my purse at all times for moments like these especially, during the cold and flu season. You can never be too careful!

Kliin soap sheets

Dish Cleansing Paste

Kliin has become my onestop shop for supplies with reusable towels available in three sizes – 6.75” X 8” (starting at $4.99), 9.5” X 10” (starting at $9.99) and 12” X 20” which can be used as a drying mat (starting at $18.99), as well as in 5-sheet rolls (starting at $11.99). Compressed sponges retail for $8.99 per package of two and that soap that I mentioned, retails for $3.99 and comes with 20 sheets. 

With the world in its current state and earth day right around the corner. Kliin and I wanted to help you and your family get started on a path to a greener life by giving away one prize package valued at $74 to one lucky Canadian resident. Prize includes 2 Kliin Dish Cleansing Pastes (citrus and lime), 1 package of 2 Compressed Sponges, 1 5-sheet roll, 1 Drying Mat, 1 medium and 1 small Kliin reusable towels.

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For more information, to order online or to find a list of retailers: www.kliin.co 

Instagram: @kliinco 

Facebook: @KLIINco


kliin Dish Paste



45 Responses

  1. We are slowly replacing plastic containers with glass – especially mason jars which are great for so many things!

  2. I have been choosing more natural options to clean the house with, especially for areas that my children use a lot.

  3. The soap sheets help Zoe. My D/W died, so this would help with using less water when cleaning up after cooking.

  4. This would come in handy for the pots etc., as it’s hard to keep the water clean enough to wash everything now that my D/W died. The soap sheets are helpful for Zoe.

  5. We have stopped using single use plastics. We use reusable lunch containers and snack and sandwich bags.

    The soap sheets help Zoe because she often can’t reach the soap dispenser. 🙂

  6. Replacing plastic container with glass/using natural ecco friendly products/eliminate waste. BONUS–Zoe likes the soap sheets as she can’t reach the soap dispenser. LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these AWESOME PRODUCTS and try them out!! I know I’d be hooked on ALL of them. Thanks a MILLION avatozoe for this Incredible Contest and PRIZE!! This would be an ABSOLUTE REAL DREAM come TRUE!!

  7. I love the idea of keeping those soaps with you for public washroom with your daughter Zoe. I didn’t know they had those little soaps, it would be great for my kids too!

  8. The soap sheets help Zoe when you are out cause she can’t reach the soap dispenser in some bathrooms.

  9. We have always recycled but one thing we find ourself doing more and more of is repurposing. I turned my sons old bunk bed into an office desk. Things like that. Why go out and buy something new when you can just use what you already have and give it new life.

  10. To make our home a greener place we avoid individual use products like yogurt, drink boxes, etc. We purchase large containers and divide them if needed into reusable containers.

  11. I have been using glass containers to store leftovers in for a few years now. The soap sheets help with Zoe.

  12. This makes sense. You’re right that so many of the products we have are primarily water, so why not opt for the actual stuff we need? We’ve been reusing a lot of stuff (which is better than recycling), including an old jam jar for my daughter’s terrarium for school!

  13. We make green cleaners with vinegar, soda and use washable cloths for windows etc instead of paper towels

  14. We compost, recycle everything we can and donate things we no longer use that are still in good condition. We challenge ourselves to not waste food which takes planning to make sure things are used before they spoil.

  15. The hand soap sheets helped for Zoe. I used cloth wherever I can to replace paper. I line dry laundry, compost and grow my own veggies and fruit.

  16. I use non-toxic products and nothing scented with artificial scents. I also like to recycle, compost and reuse items.

  17. We are using glass containers for left overs. We use eco friendly products. We compost and try not too waste food.

  18. I make my own natural cleaning supplies,face and body creams. I also use alot of reusable glass jars.

  19. cleaning all the filters at least once yearly to improve function; recylcing everything that is permitted here. thanks

  20. I use Eco-friendly cleaning products and clothes detergent. We have reusable metal straws instead of plastic and reusable containers/bottles so no bottled water for our household.

  21. we do not buy items with unnecessary packaging, we compost and garden in the summer, we always use powersmart items. i love the handsoap sheets, they are perfect when you are out and about with kids!

  22. recycle, reuse, re-purpose is the mantra here. limiting single-use plastic to a minimum, starting a garden

  23. I cut down my recycling coming into the house by purchasing products with less packaging and write junk mail companies to have my address removed from their mailing lists.

  24. We recycle, reuse and repair everything we can. We also compost, conserve water and are conscious about the amount of waste we create.

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