1stdayHere we are, last day of Kindergarten!  How amazing and bittersweet is this day!   Yesterday Ava had quite the flu, not entirely sure what it was but she was down and out for the day! So she was really excited to head off to Kindergarten today, making sure to tell me every few minutes… “It’s the last day of school!”

I walked home reflecting on everything that has happened this last school year! We really did it! We made it through more flu’s and colds than we’d ever had before, we added a new family member, we made it through Christmas holidays, making new friends, fighting with friends, learning so many new lessons and being held accountable for our actions.  We made it through Reading Homework.. oh that red bag contained some of our largest family arguments some days.

We learned a lot about Miss Ava in her year at Kindergarten, we learned about where she excels and what could use improving.  My little girl started the year unable to do the monkey bars and now not only can she climb them but she also hangs upside down from them!  The confidence in her reading and writing has greatly improved and her drawing has blown me out of the water!

Copyright Janette Shearer
Copyright Janette Shearer

Kindergarten teachers absolutely amaze me with their patience, love and understanding that they have for their children.  I’m sure this isn’t just a Kindergarten teacher thing but a teacher thing as a whole but really I am in awe of the creativity,  ability and how selflessly they give on a day to day basis.

This morning, as Ava walked through that door of her Kindergarten class, she stopped for a quick moment and took a breath.  We’ve been talking a lot of awareness, obviously not in those exact terms but asking her to focus her attentions on right here, right now, and it seemed this morning that she finally understood it bit more.

She stood there and looked at me for a moment and I said, ” You did it Baby!”  and she looked at me with her sweet big girl smile and said, ” Ya… we did it mom!”  *SNIFF* *SNIFF*

Last Day of Kindergarten!
Last Day of Kindergarten!




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