Making Learning Exciting With The New LeapStart from Leapfrog

LeapStart by Leapfrog

Leapfrog has been a part of our lives since Ava was a wee little girl. We still have all of Ava’s old leapfrog toys. The best part, we’ve been able to pass them down to Zoe to enjoy! Over the years Leapfrog has continued to grow leaps and bounds and add new amazing learning systems including the new LeapStart a Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Interactive Learning System. The LeapStart truly brings the books to life and you are able to see their love of books grow before your very eyes!


Zoe loves a good book, but she also really enjoys her independent time. Thanks to the LeapStart, she is able to get excited about everything from counting to problem-solving. With over 400+ activities across a library of 16 books, Zoe is having a blast learning new skills.

As Zoe watches her big sis go off to school each day, Zoe too wants to be just like her. With a plethora of touch-and-talk games, creative challenges, problem-solving puzzles and more, with 30+ activities in every book.

So how does it work? The stylus reads invisible dots on the pages of the activity books. This triggers engaging audio like questions, challenges, songs, and jokes. Each activity book provides a balance of school and life skills like ABCs and music. Each book is designed to be played over again for endless discovery, storytelling, music making, jokes and more.

LeapStart by Leapfrog

The best part? With the LeapStart, Zoe is able to play and learn at her level and she’s not glued to a screen! The LeapStart encourages a deeper love of books with the sounds and excitement of a screen, just without the screen!  When the time is right, Zoe can move up and challenge herself when she’s ready!

Interactive Learning System

Do you have a little one who is eager to learn? Give them a head “start” with the LeapStart from my friends at Leapfrog!

We have the LeapStart in Pink which retails for $49.99 which comes with the easy to hold stylus for little hands. Additionally, they get you started with the Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten sampler book. Do not forget to grab batteries, as the LeapStart requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included.
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Interactive Learning LeapStart



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  1. Leapfrog is amazing! We have so many pieces and we actually just got a hand-me-down 2 weeks ago from my nephew which my daughter loves and it’s over 8 years old. The product def holds up!

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