Lego Disney Frozen 2: Building Magical Wintery Moments

When the Lego Disney Frozen 2 Olaf Kit arrived from I could barely contain my excitement to run in and ask Zoe, “Do you want to build a snowman?” with the biggest grin on my face! Normally, I get a 5-year-old sized eye roll as I like to drop that line from the song at random moments and we’re almost never able to actually build a snowman so the excitement was over the top.  Safe to say, we are some pretty big Frozen fans over here.

Lego Disney Frozen 2

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Frozen 2 just yet, spoiler alert, Olaf plays a pretty significant part in the second movie. Not that he wasn’t in the first but Frozen 2 definitely has a bit more character development for everyone’s beloved Snowman. It was nice to see Lego follow suit and showcasing Olaf in this fun lego set with not only adjustable arms and neck but accessory elements which include a pencil and journal.

Lego Disney Frozen 2

Additionally, you are able to remove his bowtie and even position the pupil of his eyes differently to give him a different look. The Olaf Lego Disney Frozen 2 Kit even though is labeled as 6+ was assembled by Zoe (age 5) almost completely by herself using the Lego app. The Olaf Lego Disney Frozen 2 kit was easy to assemble and the perfect intro kit to opening her next kit which was The Enchanted Treehouse which is perfect for creating fun adventures with Olaf, Anna and Mattias from Frozen 2

Lego Disney Frozen 2

The magic treehouse playset features a bedroom area in the base of the tree and a dining area on the floor above. One of Zoe’s favourite parts of this specific set is the ladder up to the lookout and the zip line to get down to the enchanted forest. With a good imagination and some free time, The Enchanted Treehouse is perfect for the kids who love to create epic journeys that carry on for and include other lego sets. Included is a camping area, a fishing area with the flying fish function and even the magical stones from Frozen 2. Cinderella and even Jasmine & Aladdin have stopped by for some wintery magical fun!

Frozen 2 lego sets

Recreate magical movie moments with Lego Disney Frozen 2 and let imagination come to life! The Magic Is in Your Hands with this range of buildable toys.

This set is also labeled as 6+ but we use the Lego App for all of our lego builds as it allows us to add the sets to our Lego Life Account for quick access to instructions incase the books get misplaced. The Treehouse features a downstairs bedroom, upstairs dining area, lookout tower, zip wire, bunny house, camping area, and a fishing area, plus a magic portal. The Enchanted Treehouse is perfect for taking apart of customizing for whatever adventures Olaf, Anna, and Mattias get up to. With easy access to the instructions via the app, we can reassemble quickly.

Frozen 2 lego sets

Zoe turned 5 in November so that meant that Lego Disney Frozen 2 Lego were already on her wishlist for quite some time now. I love that the Frozen 2 kits can be built together with all other original lego bricks and can also combine with the other Frozen Lego sets such as Anna’s Canoe Expedition, Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation, Olaf, and the others.

The Lego Disney Frozen 2 sets are personally my favourite as they are not one gender or the other, the sets are simply magical and imaginative fun for boys or girls alike. We really enjoyed the movie as it didn’t feel like such a typical Disney Princess movie as it had action, humor, and all the things that the kids love and I believe that Lego took that into consideration when developing these kits. Whether your child is a boy or girl if they loved Frozen 2, these sets are the perfect toy to inspire epic travels and magical expeditions near and far.

Frozen 2 lego sets

Lego Disney Frozen 2

Frozen 2 lego sets

Lego Disney Frozen 2

DISCLAIMER: Hugest thank you to our friends at LEGO for providing these sets for our review! As always, if we don’t love it, we don’t share it. All opinions are our own. This post also contains Amazon affiliate links and I earn from qualifying purchases.}


Lego Disney Frozen 2

Lego Disney Frozen 2: Building Magical Wintery Moments 1
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