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The Merino Sheep has been around since the late 12th Century, today merino’s are still known for having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. That being said, Merino wool is known for its high quality and longevity. WhicThe Best merino Hoody by Luvmotherh is exactly the reason LuvMother has blessed us with a little merino love by creating these beautiful lines each season using the finest merino wool from New Zealand and Australia!

You may remember seeing some items from LuvMother in our Spring Catalog and there was a good reason, they had sent us some product to try for the girls. I’m such a sucker for the soft and cuddlies, I couldn’t resist adding them into the catalog! Merino Wool is a the perfect fabric As LuvMother says,”! It’s hygroscopic (bless you!) and can tell when you are hot and when you are cold, basically managing your microclimate whether you knew you had one or not. The silky finish in merino is unlike traditional coarse wools and ensures an ‘itch-free’ experience, even on sensitive skin.”

” Its the smarty pants of the fiber world, thank merino sheep and thank you Mother Nature!”

We received the Best Hoody in Soft Pink.. it’s actually called the “The Best Hoody” and it fully lives up to its name! It has been our go to from the early days of spring time when it was still a bit chilly to even now as the weather as the weather is warming up! I have comMerino: Luvmotherplete faith that Zoe’s body temperature is being regulated, not only that but comfortable and fits perfectly, now if only it’d come in adult size!

Ava received the skirt of her dreams, it has great twirl-ability… she has assured me that twirl-ability is in fact a real word and I quote,” I wish I had one in every colour of the rainbow for every day of the week! Not only that, but she also received the fabulous Keeper Cardi in a birdy print which has added the most stylish element to her daily outfits! As the weather can be quite unpredictable some days, I send this cardigan with her to school on days she wears a dress and I know that no matter how many times the weather changes in a day that she is well taken care of!

The girls adore the clothing as there are no scratchy tags, or itchy seams and I have the comfort of knowing that I’m supporting a wonderful small Canadian company that has my girl’s best interest at heart! The quality, craftsmen ship and love that is engrained in every piece is prevalent from the first moment you open their package!  With clothing built to last, these are items that you can wear and play hard in and then pass down or along to the next little! You must check them out! I promise you will LOVE their clothing and your kids will too!

Luvmother Merino love

Luvmother merino Love




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