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I’m really excited to do this post for so many reasons, two of those are we have a giveaway AND a promo code.  The rest being, this is a company I stand behind 100%, I whole-heartedly believe in her products, and Steph is one helluva Mommy!


I’ve spent the last month or so figuring out all the things that Steph with Love Designs can do, which might I add, is just about anything you ask of her within the Graphic Design realm.  She designed an image for an Instagram Loop for me, an image announcing all the winners, she’s talked me off a few stressful ledges and been a very supportive friend often listening to me whine in my tired mama state.


Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D Featuring print by Love Designs
Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D Featuring print by Love Designs


Meeting people online is always a risk, you never know what will happen, they can turn out to be 100% different from what you thought in a bad way or a good way. I never imagined myself finding such a strong, supportive and kind individual to be my friend, all because of an email to do a product review!


Go see Love Designs Shop on Facebook, you will see 30 Reviews and a rating of 5 stars, there is a reason.  Her artwork is beautiful and you can see they every character is well planned, well thought out and chalked full of talent!


Below is our custom made Sisters Print, I really wanted a set of rules to follow for being a good sister! I never had sisters and I believe the bond between them, can build such beautiful, strong women when nourished.  Steph captured everything I want for me girls, everything I know they can be and even brought tears to my eyes.  It’s everything I wanted AND MORE!



I met with Stephanie to speak business over some vino one night (you know mama’s need breaks too)  and talked birthday boards, mom life, mommy bloggers and social media.   She brought along some of her pre-made prints and cards.  We now have two prints up in our home and cannot wait for birthday season to have birthday boards  made for each of one my girls.


In another meeting, she was dropping off a birthday board to Lorene Mah with Glitter & Spice  for her son Noah’s 1st birthday. I couldn’t resist getting my paws on it to see it up close.  It was beautiful, they are truly a keepsake. It was so well done, colorful, both crisp and gentle lines;  you can tell that every detail had a ton heart behind it!

Photo Copyright Momento Photography by Aguilar
Photo Copyright Momento Photography by Aguilar
 So how do you get one of for your next occasion simple… head over to her website HERE to order yours today.  And not even just for Birthday boards, her prints are amazing, and she also makes cards too.  These birthday boards however; are all ages — even adult milestone boards too!  She once did one for a 90-year-old woman. All occasions – anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, birth stories.
Everything is customizable so there’s no rules as to content and honestly, she is so humble that she will probably say that she’s not as crazy talented as she is but I put 100% of faith in her.  She truly can do anything she sets her mind too, so if you have a request, run it by her.  If you’re not sure, ask!  Business Cards, Logo’s, name it!



This is how much I adore Love Designs Shop, I know her worth ethic, I know her passion and desire.  Because I stand behind her so much, I want you to get behind her too, so to help you out with your order, which I know you’re interested, head on over to the website HERE to check redeem 10% off your next order by using the promo code “vmd10” and FINALLY to end it all off, we are giving away one of her Bathroom Art Prints as soon on the above!    Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

With the promo code and the giveaway, and proof of these GORGEOUS prints and keepsake art.. I must say that Love Designs is 100% Vancity Mommy D Approved!  We know you will love Steph and her passion, creativity and kind heart as much as we do!
Designed by Love Designs Shop
Designed by Love Designs Shop



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