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Mama Didn't Raise no Bullies

Being a kid is tough, it was then and I can only imagine how hard it is now! I don’t envy our children for the world they are growing up in is by far much more cruel, intolerant, and unkind then it ever was when we were growing up! They are exposed to more, stimulated further and much more options than we did.  From a young age watching Bambie, Thumper said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” When did we stop observing this? Are we raising our kids to bully others?

Kids are MEAN, but then again so are adults. We put too much on our plates, we speak too loud and we rush, not only ourselves but our children. If I made a dollar every time I said, “Come on Ava.. we have to hurry!” I’d be a rich mama! We turn on the TV before we turn on our patience! More often than not, I find the need to remind myself….


I cannot ask her to have patience with others if I am not giving her that patience myself. I cannot ask her to be kind to others until I show her how little effort it takes to be kind! We are dealing with patience, missing kindness and lack of empathy on a daily basis and my heart hurts for the struggles my daughter goes through because she is lacking in some of these qualities! I find the fingers pointing back at myself and I wonder how can I do more?

I can stop trying to micromanage for one! She is a bright girl! Ava is very well spoken and has a wonderful command of the English language. She is loving and kind to all people, however, in certain moments she is unable to stop and ask herself, “Is this how I want to be treated? Is this the way I’d like someone to speak to me?” She is also 8 and that can be a hard concept. I know plenty of grown-ups that are not able to grasp this concept. For now, we work on patience and understanding!

In a world where we often focus solely on ourselves and our own needs, how do we find patience and understanding for others? We so often trample on others in our race to the top because there are people who don’t stop to help the fallen! “If you won’t help me, then why should I help you” is a mentality that is becoming more and more contagious. There are also far too many people in this world that take advantage of the kindness of others!

I ask of you for not only today, pink shirt day! Pink Shirt Day, Stop Bullying Day, whatever you want to call it, put yourself in someone else’s shoes! Look at the people who are observing your behaviour and think to yourself, can I set a better example? Can I do more? Give someone the benefit of the doubt! Turn off the TV and turn on your patience! Talk to your children, embrace their quirks and teach them to channel them for all the good things we know that they can and WILL accomplish! Let’s teach them not to bully!

Have you experienced a bully before?

Or Maybe You Were The Bully?


Above all, remember this:

No Bully

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  1. Thank you for this reminder to stop and think about what example I’m seeing for my kids when I’m rushing and impatient all the time. Trying to slow down a bit today 🙂

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