Yoga and Meditation Necessities For Your Journey to Uplift & Recharge


Often times, people will decline an opportunity because they do not have the necessary tools to participate. This yoga and meditation trip was planned with togetherness, self-love respect community, and connection as the forefront of importance. I hoped that by connecting with some great brands, it would alleviate the stress and hesitance to come along. Much to my amazement, Katherine from The Pampered Baby, Heydy from Raising Jay & Abel and our lovely photographer Kristy Powers  joined me on this adventure. Thank you to these generous companies, we were able to simply concentrate on getting our minds into the correct place to take full advantage of the lessons we would be blessed with over the course of two days at Nectar Yoga BNB.

Researching RYU Apparel and what they stand for only made me love them so much more! RYU creates tailored innovation for the urban athlete and creates products based on their brand DNA of beautiful tough. This retreat was about self-love, which is fully aligned with RYU’s dedication to respect and it seemed to be a perfect personification of us living the Beautiful Tough mantra.


I haven’t really taken the Tough Tights off since except maybe to wash!  This is a brand that has poured everything into creating those pieces designed with not only the athlete in mind but general life in mind. They transform from yoga or the gym to going out with the girls. These tights are cut to stay put!  No re-adjusting needed which, as a mom of two girls; most of my pants don’t fit properly in every single place. Typically, readjustment is always needed, however not the case with these tights!


Additionally, the two tops from RYU have also become my favourite! I was sent the Long Sleeve Tec Top in blue, which in being new to this whole athletic adventure, I was looking for a good long sleeve that I could wear when I was running instead of having to layer.   The durable fabric was engineered to keep you protected. One of my favourite features is the diamond underarm gusset; raglan sleeves and stretch enhance mobility. But the 2N1 Tech Tank won my heart! You know me, I love me a good black tank. With fast wicking lightweight compression fabric, it aids in transporting moisture away from the skin which helps regulate body temperature. Furthermore, mesh center panels to increase airflow during sweaty workouts. Running 5 KM will definitely get the sweat going.

Everything else just kind of fell into place afterward, everything lined up perfectly. I knew that the brands involved in helping this retreat easily become one of my biggest highlights of 2016. From the Goody Quick Dry Head wraps that became on of my favourite hair accessories to the From The Seeds Zippered Case, which helped us transport our necessities from our rooms to the yoga dome to the Saje Wellness Yoga is Awesome kit that helped clean our mats and find additional serenity in obowen-5734-2aur down time.

We loaded four girls into a 2017 Ford Fusion Energi! (Thank you Ford Canada) While it was a crowded adventure, the Energi helped get us all to an incredible place and time!  With much laughter and joy, we all grew to love this little red car even if it the packing situation of us 4 girls was more than the truck could handle. I definitely got a sense of understanding about what Ford stood for with the attention to detail that they clearly worked hard on.

Stretching, yoga, and meditation have become a focus yet again, and I’m glad that I came home armed with some things that I can do before I even get out of bed. I also have some other pieces to add to my wardrobe to remind me to stop and take the time to reconnect with myself. My Let’s Get It Om tank from Karma and Soul is one of those constantly daily reminders now to slow down. Whether it’s in my closet in the morning waiting its turn or I’m wearing it out and receiving so many compliments.  I find myself much more mindful that meditation does in fact make my world go ’round.

When seeking a well-rounded sense of well-being, there are many components. Water being one those components! I knew going into this retreat that we would need to hydrate ourselves to not only allow our bodies to take it all in but also for my own brain function, skin conditions and overall sense of well-being. Melanie the Owner of the new up and coming company Free Reign sent us with some lovely water bottles to help us dive further into our hearts with a message of compassion and achieve our hydration goals. Additionally, last minute Melanie threw in her beautiful and lovely candles for our down time.


I cannot forget about the Tote Bag from Oh My Dear Loves. Presentation is everything! I loved being able to present the girls with this tote full of goodies for our Yoga needs.  Stef is one of the sweetest Islanders, I couldn’t resist asking her to be a part of it all.

Stef is so passionate about her craft that she does her own screen printing.  In addition to screen printing, she also cuts her own stencils and stamps. Stef has been around the world and her love for life and nature is so contagious!


At the end of the day, after a little yoga and a little meditation, we gathered together in the Nectar loft. Four women each on our own journey coming together to uplift, encourage and help each our evolve. Myself having neglected my own well being for many years, alongside 3 other wonderful tenacious women. Each one of us had our own struggles. We needed to allow ourselves to fall apart! To hear that we were not alone and that we’ve all experienced it at some point or another.

We poured a glass of Evolve wine; a Canadian company from right here in our own BC backyard Evolve Cellars. Our connections naturally grew as we each spoke of our journey thus far. We spoke of our ambitions and goals. Then we brainstormed ways to push each other one-step further ahead. It was there in that loft that we as women, individuals, as wife’s and mothers evolved. I went to Bowen Island with 3 other females, one of which I had never met before. We all came back to Vancouver refreshed and recharged. Forever changed with sore muscles from laughter, more warmth in hearts and a wee bit of a headache from overindulging in great wine and killer dance moves.


I came home evolved from that awful place that I was in. Forever thankful for this trip, these companies, the friendships made and memories ingrained my heart! Photos by: Kristy Powers Photography

Forever grateful!  Namaste!











Disclaimer: We received these products free of charge in exchange for a blog post! All opinions expressed in this blog are of my own! I only bring you the best, you know that!

Photo credit: Kristy Powers

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