What Is It Like to Have A Microblading Touch Up + Giveaway

The final stage of this Microblading journey, for now, was a touch-up. Quite often you hear about people getting a tattoo or doing something like microblading but you hardly hear about what it’s like to have a touch-up.  I recently
had my eyebrows touch up by Adelle from Bee Pampered Salon after our initial appointment in November that you can read about HERE.  Did I mention that we’re giving away a microblading session to one lucky reader? Keep reading…

Microblading Touch Up


My initial appointment was 2 hrs long, there was shaping, talks of colours and making sure that everything was exactly how I like it! The touch up was roughly 45 minutes. I was over-joyed with how my eyebrows healed, however, there were a few areas I wanted a little bit darker or fuller. Initially, one of the things we discussed was wanting to go bigger and darker and addressing the fact that you can add colour on your own but you cannot take it away. So having club-ready eyebrows at home, wasn’t ideal. We checked my expectations to ensure that I was going to be happy with the final product as I probably won’t see her now for my eyebrows for about a year or more.

I had expected pain with having a touch up done because you’d be going over healed skin. This was not the case, it was exactly how I remembered. However, a little easier as we weren’t at it for as long.  We filled in a few spots that were looking a bit sparse and did a final look. I’m pretty sure that love is having an immense appreciation for the lady who gifts you with perfectly shaped and colour microbladed brows.  I cannot even tell you how much joy they have brought me, how much time my brows have saved me and all the compliments I’ve received from friends, strangers and readers pointing out my brows being “on fleek”

Be aware you are going to find a lot of people doing microblading! There will be a HUGE range of prices. You may be tempted by the $100 special. Please keep in mind with each artist you come across, “You get what you pay for!” I’m not saying that all lower priced artists aren’t good, I’m sure some of them are talented.  You must always do your research!

What Is It Like to Have A Microblading Touch Up + Giveaway 1

In 2006,  I left the safety of Blanche Macdonald with a diploma in hand along with thousands of other “artists”. We’re all fighting for the same opportunity. Many will undercut to ensure that they get your money and not someone else.  This will happen everywhere that you go. This ended up being one of the things that I disliked the most about makeup school. People with incredible talent were overlooked, as ‘so and so’ was cheaper!

What Is It Like to Have A Microblading Touch Up + Giveaway 3

I leave you with this, there are plenty of people microblading, they’re all going to have a variety of pricing! You need to research where they received their education and whether the source of their education is a reputable.  Trust your gut, do your research, and be sure that you love with every single photo in their portfolio!

I happen to think that my girl Adelle is the absolute bee’s knee’s in the micrblading world. Her studio is amazing, her talen is endless and her smiling face is both professional and oh so comforting! Proof is in the pudding, just take a look at my brows! Now the good news, Adelle has agreed to gift one microblading session valued at $600. MUST BE FROM VANCOUVER AREA OR WILLING TO TRAVEL!

Get your Brows did!
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I received this service as compensation for this blog post! All opinions expressed are 100% my own!



29 Responses

  1. Janette,
    Your microbladed brows look really good! I’ve been considering this treatment to allow my brows to grow back (yrs of overplucking). I’ve been hesitant but after reading your review and update, I think I can do it lol!!

  2. I’ve done all three – I think I prefer the look of threading but the convenience of plucking – tweezers are everywhere!

  3. I have thought about doing this, but I can hardly stand having my eyebrows threaded for like what, 3 minutes?… haha, I don’t know if I could handle the pain for 2 hours. They look amazing though!

  4. I pluck my eyebrows and get it threaded when there’s a special occasion. Would love to not worry about eyebrows when I have to leave the house! Haha!

  5. I currently tweeze my brows but would LOVE to have them microbladed!! Regrettably, I over plucked them years ago and now they just don’t come back the same so I have to fill them in every morning 🙁 With having 4 kids I have so little time and money to spend on myself. Your brows are amazing and I can just imagine how game changing that is on your morning routine!

  6. I am a guy and I don’t really touch my eyebrows at all. I am interested in threading though. Heard it’s a thing for guys.

  7. Not only do the eyebrows look absolutely fabulous… this boost of confidence is visible in the “after” picture. Absolutely beautiful!

  8. I am not a fan of threading or waxing as my sensitive skin always goes bright red each and every time. Can never go out for hours after having both done. This would be so great for me.

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