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Mint & Birch

Some people will tell you they believe in fate, they believe that everything happens for a reason and you meet certain people for a reason.  I’m not sure what reason it was that I met Jessica from Mint & Birch back in October but I am sure glad I did.

I fell in love with the delicacy and kind nature behind the jewellery that was being created by then Woodland Owl Trinkets.  I featured this company as apart of The Baby & Tot Show out in Abbotsford, you can read that review here. We spoke before the event and I must admit, I was intimidated to meet her. I was intimidated about the entire event. There was a lot of buzz about this event and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Day of the event, I did my initial walk through of the venue found out where everyone was located and then started with Woodland Owl Trinkets. I found Jessica.. shyly approached her booth and I clung! From that moment on, I knew it, I knew that there was a reason I’ve met this lovely human being and I welcomed her!

Almost daily, Jessica and I back and forth ask for each others opinions, suggestions,  and take inspiration from each other and so I was over the moon to see her business grow and the name chain take place. I knew that not only with her name change, she was changing too and I was proud to see this person who I’d known for such a short time see such success!

Mint & Birch Necklaces
Mint & Birch Necklaces

Here is a little bit of the behind scenes of my friend and her beautifully captivating human… careful, she’s easy to love!

Q: You were formerly Woodland Owl Trinkets, why the name change?

A: I changed my name to Mint & Birch because as my jewelry line was expanding, I found that I needed a cleaner, classier, simpler name. Basically something that is a little easier to remember! I was inspired by a painting my son did with me- I taped a blank canvas with vertical strips of tape, and let him go at the canvas with a paintbrush and some paint (my favourite colour!) When I peeled the tape away, it looked like there were birch trees on a background. This painting was hung up and everyday I would look at it lovingly and proudly. It was captivating and I think that’s what inspired me to change my name! I didn’t expect my business to turn out the way it did, as I had really started out more as a hobby!

Q:  What does the new name mean to you?

A:  My eldest son’s painting that inspired my name, hangs in the room beside the kitchen and it is always a pick-me-up in the middle of the day for me. I love the colour and I love that he painted it! My business, asides from all the seriousness of it such as book-keeping, etc, is really a pick-me-up for me. It allows me space to be creative amidst the daily tasks I perform as a mom- changing diapers, cleaning…. It’s an outlet for me to pour my creative juices in! It’s also a pick-me-up for me in the sense that I love to connect with people and love to get to know people! Every email I write regarding orders or inquiries, etc is enjoyable! Especially on days where I’ve been talking baby talk to my kids all day and feel like I need some interaction with another adult. It’s also a huge financial help for my family. It’s really a dream that I’m living and I am so excited to see how Mint and Birch will grow.

Chain Ring
Chain ring

Q: What inspires you when creating new pieces?

A: Colour inspires me! And of course, nature inspires me!  When I create new pieces I often have components of a necklace or supplies for it in front of me, and I will find something that I’m drawn to in terms of colour and let my hands do the work. That’s how I a lot of my new products happen. I simply order supplies for something that I don’t know what I’m going to do with, but that I’m drawn to For example, a bead, or a certain colour of a stone. Once I get it, I love to be spontaneous with it and let my creative juices flow!

Hashtag necklace
Hashtag necklace

Q: Did you always know you wanted to make jewellery?  Any advice for mommies wanting to start their own online business?

A:Believe it or not, I used to crochet and knit. A lot. I had bags and bags of yarn in my living room. Until spontaneously, I decided to pick up jewellery making all of a sudden. I had dabbled here and there when I was younger though! My advice- take the plunge! And just go for it! I can be a huge planner and organizer, but I found that sometimes the best things that happen are unplanned, spontaneous and even risky! Putting myself out there as a business was very difficult for me, and it was even a little scary! But I think that’s what made it so exciting!

Q: New name, New year…any new products or collabs in the works?

A:Oh yes! My biggest one is kids’ nest necklace so they can match with their mommas, dainty rings, teeeeny dreamcatcher necklaces to name  a few! And a couple of collaborations in the works! I’m also hoping to get into a few more stores too!

There you have it, so many wonderful reasons to head on over to Mint & Birch.  The love and energy gone into every piece is just incredible and Jessica truly makes sure that each nest, every bar, packaging and words are crafted with love and kindness!

Please go see Mint & Birch and tell her Vancity Mommy D sent you! Jessica, Thank you so much for your love and support over the last few months, you mean the world to me and I’m so glad to have you on board with this give away! Xo!



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