5 Mistakes You Might Make Potty Training The Second Time

Disclaimer: We are knee deep in potty training Zoe and thus my snarky side is more prominent at this time.

You’ve read the sponsored stuff from Pampers and the bloggers they’ve partnered with but I’m here for a dose of real unsponsored humour to help you get through potty training a second time! Maybe it’s your first or even fourth but sometimes you just gotta laugh. Pardon any questionable language, I have a potty mouth sometimes. (pun intended)

So you had a baby, they grew up and you potty trained. Long story short that child is now potty trained! Well done! Perhaps the first time wasn’t all celebrations and and dance parties or maybe it was but as I’m finding out more and more every day no two kids are alike. Just when you think they will zig, the little bugger will take. We all make mistakes and I can guarantee you that you’re going to make a bunch! I’ll start! My top 5 mistakes that I made the second time I tried to potty train a child.

1.You go into the experience with a preconceived idea of how it’s might be!

Yup, I assumed that because I killed it with Ava in the potty training department that I’d be just as good as when I went we began talking about the potty with Zoe! This girl has a plan all of her own and she’s going to do it when she is good and ready! Her schedule, not yours!

Or maybe the first time was AWFUL, this could be your kid who just gets it, it is possible! Ava is proof of that! 2 weeks and fully trained, day and night! Let it all go! They will walk you through it!

Potty Training mistakes

2.You will offer a reward for potty use that you will later regret!

I never offered rewards for Ava beyond stickers, where on earth did I get the idea to offer a kid treats everytime she pee’s on the potty? Kids are smart, there is always a loophole and chances are yours will probably find a way around it and work that reward even more than you initially thought! Keep it simple and within your means! Definitely don’t do what my “friend” did and offer Candy…

3.You will forget to pack extra clothes for those perfect awfully timed accidents!

My husband did this with Ava, took her to the play centre and basically as soon as she got into the ball pit, she peed herself! He had to carry her out wearing a plastic bag and was beyond mortified. Now I’ve got backups in the diaper bag! Back up for the back up in the car in a plastic bin! Hide money in the diaper bag to buy a new outfit as a backup to the backs ups back up.  Trust me on this one, if you never have to use that money, good on ya treat yourself to a bottle of wine or a coffee at Starbucks!

4.You will lack coffee and/or booze, or both!

When your patience falls short and it will, this part will be essential!  You’ve probably made 15 trips to the potty in on hour and you just want to sit down for 5 minutes without wiping someone’s bum! You just might be short on the two essentials that make potty training slightly more bearable.. in my life this translates to coffee and/or booze whether bourbon or wine! Grab an extra bottle and hide it on yourself until that one day when you just CAN’T. You will thank yourself later!

And the most important Potty training mistake you might make is…

5.You will forget to laugh!

Pardun the pun but potty training is sh*tty. It’s not fun, sometimes it’s really overwhelming and sometimes you’ll sit with your head in your hands and wonder if you can just rewind, or get someone else to do it! This is VALID! One of the only things you can do is laugh, so put a gf on speed dial and give her the heads up that this has began along with a warning that she might need to talk you off your ledge once or five times. This is normal!

Lastly…the most important potty training advice you will EVER receive…

Call a girlfriend when it feels like too much and laugh. Remember that you’re dealing with poop, this isn’t a marathon to win or challenge to brag about. Have fun with it, the less stressed you are, the better it be! Or if you’re the said friend on the receiving end of this phone call or text message. Print off the card below [download-attachment id=”8840″ title=”HERE”] and take her that back up bottle of wine or bag of coffee. She’ll love you forever and that laughter will help save the potty training process from getting sh*ttier!

5 Mistakes You Might Make Potty Training The Second Time 1


You can also send her this Amazing Mama post and printable if the wine and the funny card doesn’t work

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5 Potty Training Mistakes




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