New Year, New You, New Brows – Microblading Done Right!

I’ve lived many lives in terms of the jobs and experiences I’ve clawed my way through. 10 years ago, I found myself a student at Blanche MacDonald taking the Freelance Make Up Artistry program. We began with the fundamentals and our teacher walked us through all the different facial focuses.  Brows were a pivotal class for me. I had no idea how much they could change your face until I filled them in.

Filling in my brows had become not just a part of my daily routine but a daily staple. Leaving the home without my eyebrows filled in just hasn’t been an option for the last decade!  What are the alternatives to filling in your brows every day? We’ve all seen Carrot Tops eyebrows or the ladies with the 80’s tattooing, dark blue and super serious! But have you heard of Micro blading!

Carrot Top Brows

Of course you have, it is the hottest trend right now! Why do you ask? The results with the right technician are amazing and semi-permanent. As you age, the shape of your face may change a bit and therefore, your brows would change too. Yes, you’ll need to have them redone down the line, as microblading is not permanent. However, you now have the choice to customize and tailor them to your wants and needs. Fill in the sparse parts or extend them where they stop short, it’s up to you and my Fairy Eyebrow Godmother Adelle from Bee Pampered in Fort Langley can make your eyebrow dreams come true!

New Year, New You, New Brows - Microblading Done Right! 1I recently went to see her, as someone who has never trusted my brows to anyone other than myself, Adele immediately put me at ease. She made me feel comfortable and confident in her abilities. There was never a moment of doubt! We spoke in depth about the shape that I wanted, the colour that would look best and how I would take care of them afterward!

The process began immediately after; thankfully with numbing cream the entire process was relatively painless. We drew in the shape, applied the numbing cream, we waited roughly 20 minutes and the fun began! She uses a special microblading pen to essentially draw on individual strokes one by one.  She does one pass on each brow and then applies an additional numbing cream.  This continues until the desired look is achieved. If I had to describe the feeling, I would say it’s like a needle prick which then drags across your skin a moment. I joked with Adele, “have you ever had anyone get up and run out after the first pass?” I didn’t find it painful, more of an annoyance, than pain, not Adelle of course, just the feeling!

New Year, New You, New Brows - Microblading Done Right! 3
Shape drawn in, numbing cream on.. ready to microblade


Basically, microblading is a form of tattoo artistry, however, there is no machine, it’s that simple handheld tool mentioned above. The pigment is implanted under the skin with that handheld tool that mimics the natural hairs in your brows.

New Year, New You, New Brows - Microblading Done Right! 5
Close up of Brows before and after. Photo taken by Bee Pampered

One of the things that I love about this process is that there is no down time after. You walk out the door with a little bit darker brows than you’re used to but the colour settles over time and you are left with such an incredible shape and colour.  Not only will this completely boost your confidence, save you time but furthermore, will save you money in beauty products.

Having my eyebrows microbladed gave me the gift the time and confidence. I have cut back on wearing makeup; my routine went from 30 minutes to maybe 5.  My eyes were always that part of my face that seemed to tell people how tired I was.  Aside from getting more sleep, taking 10-15 minutes to fill in eyebrows and put on mascara every day was what I needed to feel and look awake.  Thanks to Adelle, I have more time to play with my girls, work on my blog, or work on keychain orders!

New Year, New You, New Brows - Microblading Done Right! 7

In a short time, I will be heading back to Adelle to do my initial touch-up and for me I think I’ll go a bit darker and maybe a bit bigger, I truly love the way they look and how they make me feel! Now two important pieces of information here! Bee Pampered is starting the New Year by giving back, and we would like your help! Give someone the chance to win the first annual #womentobeepampered Instagram giveaway by heading over to @beepampered to nominate someone receive this Winners package that includes: •Microbladed Eyebrows by @beepampered •Eyelash extensions by @lashby.lash •Hair Makeover by @amymariewalters •50% off a mini session with @luxephotographyinstagram •medifacial with @eolmedispa. They will be announcing our winner on Feb 14th 2017 so submissions will be due by Feb 10th 2017 so don’t wait!


Get your Brows did!




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  1. I have the opposite problem… I have too much eyebrow. I need to pluck regularly and I’m horrible at doing that myself. Your new brows look great though! 🙂

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