No Longer Sleepless in Vancouver + Giveaway

When the kids do not get a good night’s rest, no one has a good day!  We have recently learned this with our littlest Miss Zoe, she’s never been the best sleeper! If it wasn’t nap time or lack thereof, it was waking every hour at night to have a sound machine turned on or her soother placed back in her mouth! We’ve been doing this for months and it was not fun!

Recently, Zoe came down with a cold,  sniffles, congestion and the whole nine yards. She was miserable and sleeping was no easy task! Thankfully our new friends over at Vancouver’s own Saje Natural Wellness had sent us a lovely gift to celebrate the Grand Opening Saje At Home Concept Store at 1091 Robson Street happening tonight March 31st. In our gift, contained the unreleased Limited Edition White Marble AromaBreeze Nebulizer along with the Best of Saje Deluxe Diffuser Blend Collection, along side so many other wonderful goodies!

I had heard from so many moms that Essential oils are the way to go when the littles get sick and here I was with a sick little babe, a beautiful marble nebulizer and a selection of essential oils.. why not give it a try? Armed with our regular go-to sick remedies, we got the nebulizer all prepped and ready to go, grabbed our diffuser blend of choice and let it work it’s magic.

With a few minor wake ups, the cold was remedied within 3 days and Zoe was finally sSleepless in Vancouverleeping! We have used it every single day since March 11th and will continue in doing so every day moving forward. Zoe has gone from waking every 30 minutes to an hour between 8pm and 12 am, to now waking up maybe once within those same hours!

I am brand new to Saje, diffusers blends and nebulizers but I am hooked already! We’ve been dealing with the hourly wake ups for the last 10 months and we’ve never had a stretch longer than maybe a day or two without them.  Not only did the introduction of the diffuser blends aid in reducing cold symptoms and the total duration of the cold as a whole, but it has also eliminated the sleepless nights. I also use it during the day in the main room, where I am either wrestling a child, writing a blog post or editing photos, to bring creativity, inspiration and well being back to my day!

Now some of you might be saying what on earth is a Nebulizer and how do Essential Oils help? Don’t feel bad, I said the same thing! Nebulizers infuse your surroundings with the vitality, health, and well-being of nature. They reduce dust and other common allergens while creating a pleasing atmosphere of aromatherapy.  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and so I will let the experts tell you a bit about them:

“Essential oils have remarkable therapeutic properties and have been used in traditional cultures for centuries to enhance physical, mental, and emotional states of being. Take a moment to love some lavender collected from plants grown at high altitudes in the hills of Provence…or to relax with Rose, distilled from countless rose petals delicately gathered from plants grown in Bulgaria.

Our 100% natural essential oils are distilled from various species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, and trees. We consider essential oils to be nature’s “life force”, as they capture the powerful healing qualities of the plants from which they are derived. The sad truth is that many essential oils on the market can be nature-identical, synthetic, or adulterated in some way, and it takes the real thing in a 100% natural product to be truly effective and beneficial to health. To ensure we offer only the best quality essential oils available, we source our essential oils from all different corners of the world.”


This small adjustment that we made to our day has had a profound impact on our day, the perfect proof that great things come in small packages. Taking a few moments each day to fill up the water, choose our diffuser blend and press a button has been a brought so much peace to our home, I had no idea how big of a difference a few minutes could make on our day! We are no longer sleepless in Vancouver!

I hope by now that I’ve inspired you to NEED one in your own home. The grand opening of the concept store at 1091 Robson Street is tonight with great discounts but I know that in our busy lives, we don’t always have the time to shop kid free, so our new favourite friends have graciously offered to giveaway aromaOm Ultrasonic Nebulizer: Retail Value $89.95 AND Best of Saje Diffuser Collection: Retail Value $54.95 just incase you cannot make it out tonight!

I am newly passionate about Saje and I’m so eager to learn more about Essential Oils and the diffuser blends that I cannot wait to attend the opening of the concept store tonight but I couldn’t resist sharing Saje with you in the meantime.  Saje has truly made a difference in our lives and if you’ve been following the blog, you know I only bring you products and companies that I truly stand behind and support 100%.  This contest is open to Vancouver Lower Mainland residents only, you will be able to pick up your prize at the Robson location or have it shipped to you directly! GOOD LUCK!

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All photos Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D. All opinions expressed in this post are my own! We received a media gift to promote the grand opening!



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