VIDEO: Dear PNE You’ve Really Outdone Yourself This Year!

Dear PNE, year after year you win over our hearts! With fun rides, live music concerts, unique exhibits and the FOOD, you have really outdone yourself this year. I received a number of emails over the last few weeks asking if I had an insider info on the PNE. Truth is there is too many good things going on at the fair this year! 106 years of experience means they’ve perfected the fair and there truly is something for everyone!

We’re going to start with the food…oh the Food! You’ve come to expect the familiar scent of mini donuts and hot dogs in the air. It’s time to loosen your waistbands in anticipation of the 2016 Fair! They’ve outdone themselves this year!. Try the Mac N Cheese Stuffed Burger, a hand-made beef burger patty stuffed with creamy mac and cheese. If that’s not enough, prepare your stomach for Gourmet Burger’s 10lb Burger! The Hercules Burger is enough to feed you AND your friends! Are you more of a hot dog fan? If you’re looking for a less traditional dog, try the Big Pickle Corn Dog. This deep fried pickle stuffed with a wiener is divine!

Teriyaki Chicken Perogies will also be offered for fairgoers to enjoy this year. These bite size cheddar and potato perogies are lightly pan-fried with butter and given a Teriyaki twist. For the truly adventurous, try the PNE’s very own Bacon Candy Floss.

Don’t miss the Deep Fried Tequila Shot Bites, fried tequila flavoured cake bites topped off with icing sugar. Don’t forget to try the Salted Caramel Deep Fried Coffee! These deep-fried coffee treats drizzled in caramel and Himalayan sea salt. Perfect for your salty sweet fix with five different flavours!


For the family, they have a world-class magical showcase UNBELIEVABLE!  A Magical Experience that promises magic, comedy and breathtaking illusions. From the stages of Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Shanghai, UNBELIEVABLE brings together some of the world’s champion magicians. Watch and be amazed the journey they take you on is truly unbelievable.  See UNBELIEVEABLE: A Magical Experience daily at 7:30pm at the Pacific Coliseum. Entry is FREE with admission.

What’s a trip to the PNE without checking out Farm Country?  A classic attraction at The Fair at the PNE!  This attraction offers unparalleled exhibits showcasing agriculture in BC as well as the largest variety of barn animals found in Vancouver. The returning favourite Agriculture in the City exhibit teaches how to incorporate Urban Agriculture into your own lifestyle! This includes interactive exhibits such as: backyard bees, backyard chickens, community gardening and composting.

What’s more, the Kidz Discovery Farm lets kids try their hand at becoming a farmer by milking a cow, collecting eggs, harvesting apples and much more. Also included in Farm Country are entertaining demonstrations like Poultry in Motion Educational Mini Barn and the Honey Bee Exhibit.

The newest feature pavilion is the New Alien Worlds & Androids.  It is sure to be one of the big hits of the Fair! The Sci-fi Theme Pavillion, aims to inspire interest in the cutting-edge scientific discovery. Explore how close we are to discovering alien life.  As well as learn what exactly an android is! How it differs from a robot? Find out this year’s Fair at the PNE.

Furthermore, at Aliens and Androids,  you will discover how astrophysicists, chemists and biologists study creatures that thrive under the harshest conditions on Earth. Learn about everything from robotic suits and exoskeletons that give humans super-human strength. To Learn more information about dates and times, head over to

One of the most highly anticipated events is the North American debut of Angry BirdsTM Universe: The Art & Science Behind A Global Phenomenon in the form of a highly anticipated exhibit at the Fair at the PNE. This immersive and interactive pavilion will allow fans of the famous game and its characters the chance to be safely propelled on zip lines into enormous foam structures. Go through the Laser Maze, take a stab at the Climbing Wall, explore the Planetarium, and practice their skills with the oversized Sling Shots. Did I mention that they’ve outdone themselves?

This unique exhibition to presents an educational and highly interactive attraction unlike any other. Designed to provide an integrated approach to learning, visitors experience the educational concepts in the game in a fun, active and exciting environment. Be sure to stop by for a demonstration of the physics behind the Angry Birds games.

Admission: $5 for 14+, $3.50 for 6-13, FREE for 5 and under (with admission to the Fair). For more information about this year’s Fair at the PNE visit Angry Birds TM & (c) 2016 Rovio Entertainment Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

We hope to see you all out at the 106th year of the PNE! It’s truly a wonderful time of year in Vancouver! With so much to see, do and eat, you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

You've Really Outdone yourself this year!



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