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We can spend an entire lifetime looking for products that we trust to use on our family, our entire family from the youngest to the oldest!  Let me ask you this.. how often do you find that product you trust and rely on for use for your…
Winner fo tickets
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And The Winner Is…..

The winner of 2 Free tickets to the Baby & Family Fair on November 8th and 9th has been contacted via email! Congratulations  ANICIA LOUIE aka Neesha!   Don't lose hope we will be having another giveaway at the end of this week, posing I don't…
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I Could Be a Truffle Pig!

Time Flies when you're a walking incubator!  We are officially on Bump watch and I have been making symptom lists.  The worst one affecting me the most is my sense of smell.  The smell of grapes on Ava's breathe from her lunch is still there after school time …
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Post Partum Depression

Depression is a stigma, it is the conversation that sometimes happens behind closed doors if it does at all! Depression happens every day to every single one of us at some point.  Perhaps not always as severe but it is REAL and there are many forms of it. Manic and Post Partum are perhaps the most…
30 week update

30 Week Update: Meet Squishy!

Officially as of yesterday, I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2 so only 70 days left to go!  The most wonderful thing about all the doctors' appointments has been that my OB has an ultrasound machine in her office! So I have had…
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The Untold “Joys” of Pregnancy!

Warning: This pregnancy post is not recommended for men! Feel free but don't say I didn't warn you! Pregnant Women around the world could compile a list of all the raw truth you will learn about pregnancy that would make a strong man woozy! There are so many of these untold…
High Risk Pregnancy
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High Risk Pregnancy

I've officially entered the beginning of my third and final trimester of my High Risk pregnancy! I'm officially 28 weeks pregnant today!  I was diagnosed with a common pregnancy problem during my 1st pregnancy. I apologize in advance for some googling that may happen as a result of reading this. …
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Why do you need mommy time?

I think taking Mommy time  is so important and I'm also very aware that since Ava was born, I've said this but I have never really practiced what I preached.  This is from a book "100 Questions from my Child", a book my mother had gotten me written…