Being A Parent Is Hard- Mind Numbingly Hard!

Being a parent is stressful….it’s frustrating, it’s life altering, and mind numbingly HARD!  Now this is where I tell you that along with all those other things, being a parent is beautiful.  That it is rewarding, and you truly don’t know what love is until you see that precious little face smile. Yes it’s all those things and so much more.  However, th post is about all the other real things in life, the ones we don’t say out loud.

There is no doubt that I love my children! There is plenty of evidence on Instagram and Facebook account for verification. I live for Ava and Zoe, they are two of the best things that have ever happened to me.   Some days, I want to hide in a small closet with a box of cookies and a bottle of wine. It’s hard and so many parents will paint this super pretty little picture of what your life “should” look like. Although most hesistate to ‘fess up to what it truly can be like sometimes. This too is unfair and frustrating!

There will be days that you will despise that soother. You know, that fell out over 20 times last night and want to throwBeing A Parent Is Hard- Mind Numbingly Hard! 1 it across the room. Other times, you will want to drown your child in hand sanitizer. As they will often “forget to wash their hands.  How on earth do you forget to wash your hands??  Deep breathe and send your germ infested Kindergarten kid back into the bathroom to ACTUALLY wash their hands!

How about that one moment where you realize that you do in fact sound just like your mother when you say,” because I SAID so!” Suddenly, you will realize what an asshole you were growing up!

It never freaking ends! We can only wish, hope and pray that as we send our little monsters out into the world,  that we have done a good enough job raising them to not be that jackass. The one who didn’t learn that littering is BAD, or that there is no excuse for not using your manners.  You hope they won’t be that person who didn’t cover their mouth when cough or sneeze. Lastly that they are NOT 100% NOT entitled to anything. You can only hope that as your monster opens that door to leave,  that they are honest, successful, strong, caring and compassionate.  That when they can fall on their faces, they will be confident enough to come back to us and ask for help getting back on their feet.


Parenting is hard!  Just when it feels like you’re getting the hang of it, grew your 8th arm, eyes in the back of your head or gained the ability to be two steps ahead of your ever-changing mind-ninja of a child.  You will be told repeatedly,” It’s just a phase! Hang in there!”  Which by the way.. will eventually make you want to tell a very good friend who is only trying to be supportive to shove it where the sun don’t shine!

Being A Parent Is Hard- Mind Numbingly Hard! 3Being a parent is hard, you will doubt yourself! You will want to plead temporary insanity at how quickly you can go from wanting to lose your marbles to having your heart melt by a baby snuggle or a sibling interaction!  It’s tiring and you are allowed to feel the frustration as much as you feel the joy and love.

There are moments in a day where there doesn’t seem to be enough wine, enough chocolate or bath water to make you feel human again.  In that moment, there probably isn’t! So embrace it, own your feelings and talk about them. Once we stop pretending that every picture is as pretty as the prettiest rose, it becomes easier for every other mother out there to be ok in their moments of mommy insanity.  I’m loonier than most and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!



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