Teach Them Young! A Toddler Remembrance Day Craft!

This Remembrance Day Craft was originally published in 2017 when little Zoe was just turning 3. Often we just from Halloween to Christmas without giving Remembrance Day the full attention it deserves

It’s important to teach the kids about Remembrance Day, with so many of our vets from WW2 passing, as many of the last remaining vets are nearing their 100’s.  Furthermore, we still have so many active soldiers continuing to serve their country, they deserve more than just one day.

They deserve a week, a conversation, and at the very least, a Remembrance Day craft.

“In Flanders Field the poppies blow. Between the crosses, row on row!” Words I will never forget! The importance of this day is a conversation that must happen, it’s never too early to start.

Remembrance Day CraftOn the 11th day of the 11th month at 11:11, all is quiet, no one moves and the world is still, a moment of silence is had! This can be a hard thing for a little one to understand and only you know what your child can handle.

Zoe is a gentle soul and at almost 3, she needed an even gentler approach, she had seen an older man wearing a “flower” and asked why. Zoe also noticed that her Dad and I wear one too! This was a very natural segway into why Mommy, Daddy and that man wear flowers.

It began as a pretty flower for a special day and every year we build on that. She will naturally ask questions and I am proud that I will be able to answer them. Both of my grandparents served in World War 2. I have my grandma’s complete uniform and ID bracelet and various other mementos of her time in the war!

Every year I watch the services in Ottawa on TV and I become consumed with sadness. I remember talking with my grandma about her time in London and sewing uniforms. She spoke of the sound of the bombs! I see those older men and women on TV at the services in Ottawa and I cry.

That year we got out a canvas for a Remembrance Day Craft from the dollar store, some finger paints and we painted our own pretty flowers (Poppies) using our thumbs and I talked to her about how special the pretty flowers were.

At the time of this craft, Zoe was just turning 3 and had only met G.G (my Grandma)  a few times, but she loves her so deeply. I explained to  Zoe that when G.G was a young girl she used to make clothes for special people. Those special people fought really hard for Zoe.. “for toys?” she asks!

This was as far as I knew her sweet little brain could take her at this age. So I said gently said, “kind of…these special people fight so that you could have a good life full of people that love you lots.”

For now, this is all she can understand and I’m proud she noticed the poppies. It’s never too young to try to have some important talks with your LO’s, you just have to modify them to how they will learn best and you are the best person to do that for them.

For This Remembrance Day Craft:

Canvas (any size)

Red & Green Finger Paints

Green Marker


Dip their thumbs into the finger paint and have them press their thumb down onto the canvas 4 times, top, bottom and one on each side to create the poppies. Repeat this for however many poppies you’d like on your canvas!

Remembrance Day Craft

Once the poppies are dry, have them tip their index finger in the green paint and swipe from where you want the grass to stop to bottom of canvas!

Remembrance Day Craft

After the entire canvas is dry, you can use a green marker to draw in the stems and center of the flowers, and voila, you have your own beautiful Remembrance Day craft to look back on and build on year after year!

This Remembrance Day craft is very easy to do and also the beginning of a great conversation!

Finger Painting Poppies

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A Remembrance Day Craft!

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