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The Perfect Cuddle

There is nothing like rocking a baby to sleep, nothing like the warm cuddle of a baby or toddler wrapped up in your arms. However, any mother will tell you attempting to put a sleeping baby down while unwrapping them from a blanket is a tricky maneuver. Thanks to the Rocking Blanket, you can now rock your baby to sleep, enjoy your cuddle and then put baby gently into the crib without waking the baby by never-ending blanket struggle.

Ava was not a cuddler, she was content being put in her crib.  She would soothe herself to sleep; no extra cuddles needed. Miss Zoe, bless her sweet little soul, needs constant touch. Further more, even during wakeful hours, she constantly needs to either hold hands, or sit on my knee. Zoe needs a good cuddle, however, it’s the same old story of putting a baby to sleep while wrapped in a blanket and then  attempting to put her down without a blanket.  The transfer would always wake her up! This is when I found the Rocking Blanket.

Our Perfect CuddleEven now at 19 months, she needs a good cuddle to fall asleep. I for one, am not ready to let go of our daily cuddles! She needs it almost as much as I do!  I cherish these moments and drink them in, she fuels my heart, as much as coffee fuels my energy level!

We received the Lavender Rocking blanket, which is 100% polyester.  This makes for the best cuddles on the colder or rainy days. We all know here in Vancouver, we see our fair share of rainy days! Due to the warmer weather upon us, the Bamboo Black rocking blanket is a must-have on our list as it is 100% Bamboo Rayon.  These blankets are washable, made in Canada and insanely comfortable!

The Rocking Blanket is equip with a handful of amazing features! With every touch, it is clear this blanket was designed by a mom, with you and your babies best interest at heart!  Nicole is a dedicated mother and designer! I couldn’t be more proud to fully support Rocking Blanket. Nicole is passionate about providing moms and babies with the warmest and fondest of memories that you can possibly have. Those moments in your rocking chair, or comfy spot, with your baby wrapped up tight and held close, is there anything better?

With that being said, Nicole has graciously agreed to do a fun little giveaway for one lucky reader. In conclusion, the giveaway is open to both Canadian and US residents!  The time we’ve spent snuggling with our rocking blanket has easily been some of our favourite cuddles.  Honestly, this blanket is to die for!



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