A Romantic Rendezvous In Harrison Hot Springs: Part 1!

romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

rencontre mzinda Ditching the kids and running away for a romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs is easily one of my favourite things to do with my husband. Sneaking away to one of the most stunning locations just a short 2 hrs away from Vancouver is definitely our idea of a good time.

http://jeremiahstaproom.co.uk/?violeta=global-personals-ltd-dating-sites&f6b=7b The scenic Highway 7 provides a link between Vancouver and Hope that is off-the-beaten-path.  The prairie girl in me can never get enough of the beautiful scenery in this area. From extreme adventures to simple, warm hospitality, there is something for everyone in the Mighty Fraser Country.

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combien de rencontre nadal wawrinka Thanks to my Mother-in-law for staying with the girls, we were able to take them to school and hit the road. There are so many amazing wonderful small businesses and fun experiences on the way, which was just part of the mounting excitement.

http://yuktung.com.my/esnew/233 We took our sweet time driving out to Harrison stopping for lunch and taking in the views. It’s not often we have moments to simply enjoy each other’s company. I can definitely tell you we took full advantage of the quiet and each other the entire way. Do you remember what it’s like to laugh with your spouse?

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http://apanda.org/299145-dts70598-santillana-del-mar-conocer-chico.html Before our final destination of Harrison Hot Springs, we stopped at Harrison Mills. Located 20 minutes from Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Mills is surrounded by the wilderness, mountains & rivers.

my response We enjoyed the quiet drive out, the adult conversation and roadside flower stand that we missed a few spots.  One of the places I was most excited to check out was Back Porch Coffee Roastery which is part of the Circle Farm Tour. You can watch your coffee being roasted in a circa 1919 Flame Roaster and enjoy homemade dishes with locally sourced products.

A Romantic Rendezvous In Harrison Hot Springs: Part 1! 1
Charging our Hybrid Plug-in Honda Clarity that we were loaned by Honda Canada at the Tourism Harrison office.

I basically spent the entire drive with my nose pressed up against the window taking in the change of seasons in the Fraser Valley. The drive into Harrison is captivating especially as the anticipation builds. How does that old saying go? “Love the journey as much as the visit?”

Setting the mood for a romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

Our romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs began with 2 nights at the Harrison Beach Hotel. Located on Harrison Lake in the center of the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, the award-winning Harrison Beach Hotel offers an incredible view with luxurious and comfortable accommodations. 

romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

The amenities aren’t terrible either. With a pool, a gorgeous outdoor hot tub, and even kayaks and mountain bikes for rental. Harrison Beach Hotel is perfect for couples or even families who love luxury but still want to be close to adventure. This Hotel leaves you just steps away from all the local attractions and activities.

romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

For two glorious nights, we hid away in a spacious Junior Suite in Harrison Hot Springs with the most incredible view of Harrison Lake.  The Junior Suite features a kitchenette that has a microwave and mini-fridge for those who don’t plan on leaving the room *hint hint*

romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

If you’re able to get out of bed and trust me it wasn’t easy,Harrison Hot Spring Pool is just down the road. Many people don’t realize that this option is available for the general public and accessible to all visitors. I know I didn’t know it existed until this trip.

romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

Did you know that Harrison has two hot springs that combine to create these healing waters?

We let the Hot Springs melt away the city worry and reconnect as a couple. The water at the public pool combines the two hot springs of Potash and Sulphur located at the south end of Harrison Lake.  Combined the temperature averages 145F and is then cooled down for the pool to 100F. The 8 Minerals present in the water are said to bring pain relief and increase circulation and oxygen flow, which creates a strong heart!

romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

Our romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs was so needed. We don’t get to do this often, in fact our last trip away was in February for one night! When you have activities 7 days a week between the 4 of us, time away is treasured.

If you haven’t experienced fall in Harrison Hot Springs, I highly advise considering this destination for your next romantic rendezvous. It’s a bit quieter than during the busy season and as it gets darker sooner, you don’t feel as bad for cutting the day short to head back to bed.

We had such an amazing time that I have one more post coming up showcasing some of our favourite amenities, places to eat and one of our biggest highlights of the trip! Stay tuned!


romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs

romantic rendezvous in Harrison Hot Springs


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