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Say Cheese lookielookie
Photo Taken using our lookielookie

Who is tired of yelling “Say Cheese” or making obnoxious sounds, rattling a toy or trying to get a babies attention to the camera??? Well if you’ve had a chance to check out our Spring Catalog, you may have seen on the first page a funny little photo companion called a lookielookie and wondered..what on earth is a lookielookie?! Well thanks to lookielookie all you have to do is attach your little lookielookie, a fun little photo companion, press the button on the back and you have a cute little friend that flashes a gentle light which gets the babies attention! Voila…babies is staring at the gentle light, which allows you the time to get a clear shot!

With two options, a yellow Jookie or a blue Zookie, they are both really cute and incredibly easy to attach to your phone or handheld camera, and small babies LOVE it!  I showed it to a girlfriend to use with her little and we got the cutest smiles from her sweet little guy. Zoe used to be really good for sitting for pictures without having to do a ton of bouncing around, waving toys and making funny sounds or yelling “Say CHEESE!” to get her attention for a photo but it seems now I’ve reached the phase where almost every photo is a blur because Zoe’s ‘On’ button is permanently stuck on fast and furious! While my ‘always on the go’ 16 month old hasn’t taken to the lookielookie fully just yet, it has helped my oldest focus on the camera allowing me to use my best efforts to get my little terrorist in the photo and looking at someone!

It has definitely gotten her attention more often than not but unfortunately I must be really slow with the photo clicking finger and don’t get it in time for hurricane Zoe to be off running! Her absolute favourite though is the Plush lookielookie, our little Jookie had to join the club of stuffies at the end of her crib and is usually not to far behind the other when it’s story time!

I would highly recommend this product for babies pre-walking, or at least for ones that don’t have ants in their pants like mine, or even that stage when they finally start to let you take CLEAR photos again.. it does happen..eventually!  Because we LOVE our little Jookie, we teamed up with Lookielookie to give one photo companion of your choice, valued at $28 USD.  Contest is open to all residents of Canada and the US.  Contest ends on Monday March 21st at 11:59 PM PST.. enter below for your chance to WIN!

Say Cheese lookielookie
Photo Taken Using our lookielookie

Say Cheese lookielookie

Say Cheese Jookie


All Photos are Copyright Janette Shearer Vancity Mommy D.  We received this product as compensation in exchange for an honest review!

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