Ava’s MUST HAVE Back To School Shopping List

Back To School

Anyone else counting down the days until the alarm goes off and we’re trucking our littles off to school again? I know I am!! Meal preparation aside, I am excited for Back To School time. Time to re-learn some manners, grammar and kindness!  Routines are scattered after 3 weeks of travelling and both girls at home all day long. I truly appreciate our teachers much more.

The transition of heading back to school, which can be exhausting and emotional for both Mom and Child, I had written a piece for the West Coast Kids Blog talking ways to ease that transition. Here is our follow up with a personal list of products that Ava either has on her wish list to make back to school a little bit more fun and exciting!

Back To School


  1. Easy Daisy Starter Kit  2.YumBox Bento Box in Rosa Pink  3. Lifefactory  22 oz Glass Bottle with Flip Top   4. JR Witty Geox Sneaks 5. Instance Run Star Burst (Navy) 6. Love Designs BTS signs  7.  Hershel Pop Quiz BackPack  8. Native Boots Sid in Black bling  9.Mr. Sketch NEW Gel Crayons. 10. Carters Osh Kosh TLC Meow Tunic

The best way to excite kids about school is by having them pick things out. They have to carry that hershel backpack all year so why not make it something they like?  We even let her pick her lunch box! We really liked the idea of a bento box, perfect for days when you cannot commit to a sandwich or soup, you want little bits of everything!

It is so important to involve them by having them pick out items such as shoes like the Geox Ava has chosen here for her indoor shoes or the OshKosh shirt etc.  These Instance socks are one way to spruce up the wardrobe with a little something extra. One of my favourite items is the classic Mr. Sketch markers. With two older brothers growing up who also required supplies, my mom really had to prioritize and unfortunately, Mr. Sketch didn’t always make the cut. However, this year, as a Mom now myself, I won’t be saying No to Mr. Sketch I’m going with the New Mr. Sketch Gel crayons. They’re fun, new and guaranteed to make young children feel extra special.  They’re classmates will gather around his or her desk to have fun colouring because of the fun scents.

Finish off your back to school shopping with a Love Designs Back to School Sign. Nothing captures the memory of your little one getting a wee bit wiser, bigger and with a ton more attitude than these signs. Having the photographic evidence to embarrass them later on is a rights of passage as a mother! These Back To School Boards come in two versions, and for all of us sentimental mama’s who hold fast to the memories, these are the perfect must-have!



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