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From our family to yours, whether it’s a gift that makes you giggle, or simply tugs on your heart strings our genuine leather keepsakes last longer than your memories!

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What's New?

We are so excited to relaunch moving away from handstamping leather to a different technique which reducing production time; Branding aka heat stamping!

branding iron is used for branding, pressing a heated metal shape or in our case brass letter stamps against an object or livestock with the intention of leaving an identifying mark.

The heated letters are pressed into the leather burning the letter into the leather creating a beautiful brown color which like your love for your family will last forever!  

We are now able to produce items much quicker cutting our production time down by over half! We are so excited about this new direction and we just know you’re going to  love the look as much as we do! 

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Years ago I asked my Dad to teach me to how to stamp leather, I ran with it and then taught myself the rest!

This truly is a family affair, inspired by my Dad with production help from both my girls. I believe in producing quality leather products that will stand the test of time!

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What people say?

Excellent customer service. I was so happy with the keychains ordered. Perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day or birthdays.
Mary Tam
The custom item I ordered just arrived and I LOVE it. The entire ordering process was quick and easy. I could not be happier.
Hillary Moran