Douglas Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

Ultra-breathable Douglas memory foam pillows you can customize for the perfect feel and firmness. They help your head stay cool and comfortably supported at night, so you can feel your best during the day.


Douglas Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow


Machine-Washable Soft Cover

100% Cotton – A removable cover that’s soft to the touch, cool against your cheek, and durable enough for the washing machine.

Padded Plush Comfort Lining

Down-Alternative Microfibre – A buffer zone of lightweight quilting that makes an ultra-soft first impression. It neutralizes pressure points so you sleep more comfortably.

Premium Adjustable Foam Filling

Premium Memory Foam – Designed for continuous breathability and balanced cushioning, this responsive foam encourages air circulation with every little movement. Adjust the amount of foam inside the pillow until it’s a perfect match for your body.


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