Special Edition Genuine Leather Boobie Keychain

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“Perfect boobs have nothing to do with size or shape.  It’s who they are attached to.”

Boobs are perfectly normal and just like all the different skin colors out there, naturally, they would come in all shapes and sizes. Normalize the perfectly imperfect boobie by choosing your own special pair to rock on your keyring!

$5 from every Special Edition Boobie Keychain sale is donated to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada!



Special Edition Genuine Leather Boobie Keychain

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Help normalize the breast and support the Breast Cancer Society of Canada by rocking a hand-drawn leather boobie keychain.

No two pairs are the same, some hang a little lower than others. Maybe your left is bigger than the right? Maybe your nipple sits higher on the left one than the right. Boobs not perfect and just because they are not perfect, doesn’t mean you have anything to be ashamed of.

So to all my ladies out there rocking their own custom set of imperfectly perfect boobies… be proud of them. They’re part of you and you’re amazing and wonderful just the way you are.

Because we all know someone who has been affected in one way or another with breast cancer.  I wanted to do something special to normalize all the special boobies out there and give back by donating $5 from every special edition leather boobie keychain to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

The special leather boobie keychain are all hand-drawn and burnt using a handheld leather burner so much like boobies, no two will be exactly the same.

Orders placed now until November 10th will be shipped out on November 10th when our boobie cards arrive!

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