High Hopes, Subpar Food and Slow Service

Rock Creek Grill is a small restaurant in a newer development on the west side of Saskatoon, where we are currently on vacation. There are actually two locations in Saskatoon. With the other location receiving many wonderful reviews,  I had high hopes for this location. This restaurant tonight was subpar at best. Unfortunately, Rock Creek Grill did not live up to any good expectations. Finally, the slow service left a bitter taste in my mouth directly off the bat!

I was waiting at the location with Zoe, waiting for my parents and my eldest daughter to arrive.   I immediately ordered Caribbean Sangria for myself, Pork pot stickers, a baby plate for Zoe, which was to contain seasonal vegetables, and choice of potatoes.

My drink came a few minutes later and then I ordered Zoe an orange juice, which took 5 minutes to arrive at the table. The baby plate arrived 45 minutes into being seated. The plate contained a bowl of French friends and 6-7 pieces of what I thought were Yams by first glance. This vegetable was rock hard and did not resemble the carrot that the manager claimed they were. They came back rubbery and clearly reheated rather than new cooked potatoes.

Rock Creek Potstickers Slow Service
Missing one… I was to hungry to wait to get a photo

The pot-stickers appeared around the same time as the baby plate. They were absolutely delicious! The pot-stickers were perfectly cooked, garnished nicely and the Siracha Pesto sauce was divine! Everything afterwards was downhill!

Our food arrived on a sadly dressed plate. The appearance was not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest bit. My medium steak sandwich was basic at best! A well-done steak placed on a half Ciabatta bun garnished with spoonful of canned rubber mushrooms and finished with a stuffed baked potato. Ava’s kid’s cheese pizza arrived topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese. Parmesan Cheese is probably one of the last cheeses I would ever place on a child’s pizza. I wouldn’t have liked it either as a child.

At the end of the day, Rock Creek Grill was mediocre at best. They seem to have a kitchen full of employee’s that don’t necessarily take PRIDE in their job. Or perhaps it’s a restaurant with management that doesn’t inspire creativity in their employee’s! The service was incredibly slow! I do not blame the server necessarily, as I know she had larger tables and sometimes, you are at the mercy of a computer system and the person on the receiving end of the order.  However, this is not a child-friendly restaurant with no real comprehension of most children’s unsophisticated taste in food.

My final conclusion for this dining experience was 3 stars maybe?! My drink was delicious, the appetizer once it arrived was on point but other than that, not a place I would attend again. Thankfully as I don’t live in Saskatoon, I’ll almost never have to explore the option ever again!

All Opinions expressed in this review are my own.




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