Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review}

a print to remember

There are never enough photos to capture all the things I need to remember about my girls as they grow. I want to remember their mispronounced words like Chill-anchula for Tarantula, the smell of hair, and the sound of their voices. I want to remember the way their tiny little fingers would grasp my hand. You cannot capture their sound, their smell or the way they feel through a photo. Thanks to videos I remember their sound and now thanks to Smallprint Vancouver North, I can remember their touch.Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review} 1

Mahnaz, a local mother from North Vancouver, has brought Smallprint to the lower mainland.  After returning home to YVR from life abroad, this mama is welcoming her new entrepreneurial passion by capturing our families unique impressions.

Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review} 3

My girls are growing up far too quickly!  Sometimes as their sweet little memories come to mind, my heart bursts with joy. Remembering those sweet little details about my once 2 years old now 8-year-old are what save me some days. I remember that our days weren’t always full of dirty looks, rolling eyes and argumentative talking back.  There were days when happiness was easy and love truly felt unconditional.

When Mahnaz reached out to me, I jumped at the chance.  I may not come across as the sentimental type but those cheesy things that say, Mom, are some of my favourite gifts. We went to Mahnaz’s beautiful studio in North Vancouver to create this one of a kind original piece of Smallprint Jewellery and she stole my heart!

Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review} 5

Seeing the different ways to capture the love between family members, even our 4 legged furry friends was incredible. I immediately began brain storming gifts for upcoming celebrations. From Cuff Links to necklaces, bracelets and even key rings. Mahnaz certainly has the passion for the items she’s creating and the love to create these timeless pieces that I am happy to add to my jewellery box.

Mahnaz and I worked together to figure out which necklace would perfect for me and we decided on the Descending Duo Original Fingerprint Pendant, which features two tear drop silver pendants. They perfectly capture the unique swirls and shape of Ava and Zoe’s fingerprints as my treasured reminder of their touch! The back of each pendant is completed by engraving in their names and ages.

Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review} 7

A few weeks later my necklace was complete. As I’m far too impatient to wait on mail, I opted to pick it up from her. My necklace came beautifully packaged on the 24-inch silver ball chain I selected, complete with a care card and Smallprint branded polishing cloth.

Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review} 9

The day Ava left for Saskatoon, I cried and I choked back tears the entire car ride home. I knew my tears would only upset Zoe so I held my necklace and I rubbed Ava’s print. It got me through that car ride home and every day there after!

their unique print

Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review} 11 I want you to experience this and so I’ve partnered with Mahnaz of Small Print to give away one Medium Original Fingerprint from the Original Print Collection, as shown on the right.  You must be able to attend the studio in North Vancouver to redeem the prize. Small Print Original Fingerprints™ make a truly unique and personal gift and are suitable for any age. Good Luck Everyone!

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Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review} 13

Their Small Print: A Unique Impression {Giveaway & Review} 15




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