A Smart Pixel Purse With Fun Messages For Tweens!

Pixel Purse

*This Pixel Purse post is in partnership with MGA Entertainment! We received this purse as compensation for an honest review!*

A few years ago, Ava got hooked on the movie Spy Kids. There are 4 Spy Kids Movies to be exact after that everything was boobie traps, secret messages, and top secret missions. Fast Forward to an older Ava and Project Mc 2 comes on the scene with fun toys like the Pixel Purse and Ava has a new obsession!

Smart Pixel Purse

What is Project Mc 2? Project Mc 2 is a new two-time Emmy-nominated Netflix original series about a team of super-smart cool girls who use  S.T.E.A.M. (Science,
Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) to complete missions for the secret organization, NOV8 (that’s“innovate”!).

Project Mc 2 is the #1 S.T.E.A.M. franchise for girls that includes fun experiment sets and even real-girl inspired dolls! The show and toy line inspire curiosity and learning through S.T.E.A.M-based play themes we know girls already love! Smart is the New Cool is their message, one message I can truly stand behind!

In Project Mc 2, Bryden Bandweth, commonly called Bry, is a protagonist of the series. Also, one of Ava’s favourites because she is the tech genius! She looooves tweeting and Instagramming about rad tech stuff, music, and digital photography. She also has this super cool Pixel Purse that allows you to program designs into the LED Display screen!

Pixel Purse LED Screen

Bry is a secret agent working for NOV-eight and a tech guru. The Pixel Purse comes pre-programmed with 10 animations and combines technology play with tween girls’ lifestyle and fashion. Or you can also use the free downloadable app, Ava was able to create designs or scroll words on the multi-color LED display. Since Ava doesn’t have a phone, she borrows mine when she wants to change up her designs.

The Project Mc 2 Smart Pixel Purse is recommended for children ages 6 and older and has a suggested retail price of $79.99. The Pixel Purse is available at Toys R Us, Indigo, and Amazon! You can customize colors, designs (freehand or “stamps”), words, fonts and speed. Another fun feature was linking images to create animations. The free app is compatible with iOS and Android users but the Smart device not included!

Pixel Purse App

A Smart Pixel Purse With Fun Messages For Tweens! 1

Ava’s Smart Pixel Purse Review

Ava thinks this is a pretty rad pixel purse although she wishes she could fit things inside other than just a phone, cause well “you cannot leave your lip gloss behind when a girl goes out!” But she has a great time playing with it, getting creative and using technology to create something cool.  She loves linking images together to create little animations and even lets her little sister play too!

Pixel Purse Ava

Ava loved it so much, she wants you to have one too! We are giving away one Project Mc 2 Pixel Purse to one lucky Canadian Resident.

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A Smart Pixel Purse With Fun Messages For Tweens! 3

Do your kids watch Project Mc2 on Netflix? A Little trivia for you…Every day, Bryden takes a “yawnstagram”, which is a selfie of her waking up while yawning!



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  1. My nieces favorite from of technology is a camera for taking pictures, she just loves taking pictures of things and people and animals.

  2. My daughter loves going on my laptop. She’s into art and drawing so she likes getting ideas on-line.

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