An Evening of Fondue & Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain

Disclaimer: I received this Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain experience in partnership with my ambassadorship with the Healthy Family Expo. All opinions expressed are 100% my own!

I’ve walked up hill both ways with snow up to my knees in -45 weather and lived to tell the story. I’m kidding but not really! As I’m originally from the prairies, I have braved some of the coldest deepest snows in my day that my girls will probably never see here in Vancouver. Normally I don’t go to the cold on purpose but there is something about snowshoeing Cypress Mountain to a destination that includes both Cheese AND Chocolate fondue that screams,” YES PLEASE”

An Evening of Fondue & Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain 1

This past Tuesday night a group of us lovely media type took to Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain. We enjoyed a 4 hour guided tour to Hollyburn Lodge for all the cheese and chocolate fondue we could handle. There were laughs, a few tears from laughing so hard, a great exercise and happy bellies. Some of the most fun I’ve had in a while!

Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain

Our tour guide took us through Cypress Bowl by the light of our headlamps teaching us about the tree’s in the area along the way. As a prairie girl, I am not necessarily as knowledgeable in the different type of tree’s in our region here, however, I am now confident that I wouldn’t completely be lost up on the mountain if something went sideways.

Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain

The hike to the lodge was roughly an hour long followed by 2 hrs of glorious fondue! The meal associated with the hike includes hot beverages, green salad, cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue for dessert! There is also beer and wine available for purchase! After you’ve indulged all that you can, you venture out into the snow for the final hike down to your original arrival point!

Before Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain, Make Sure Check The Cypress Snowshoeing Conditions Before You Go!

Cypress Mountain has 6 different snowshoeing packages. Not only snowshoeing but also cross-country skiing and the snow tubing park to name a few! There truly is something for everyone so head on over to The Cypress Mountain website and plan your next outing! I guarantee this is one adventure I can guarantee you’ll be planning again and again!

An Evening of Fondue & Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain 3

Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain is easily the best day and night snowshoeing in Vancouver! Visit Cypress Mountain below to plan your next adventure!





Snowshoeing Cypress Mountain



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  1. Fondue has been my top favorite meal since I first had it as a kid! And chocolate fondue for dessert makes it even better! What a lovely place this is.

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