Our Love Of Soft-Soled Shoes By Kicks-A-Roo

Soft-Soled Shoes

Is it in our blood as females to fall in love footwear? If it is, I’ve passed down a shoe addiction to littlest Zoe.  Have you seen these soft-soled shoes by Kicks-A-Roo yet?! These little soft-soled shoes for little humans are cruelty-free and vegan!  With beautiful fabrics, these amazing little shoes are perfect light weight shoes.


Zoe started out on soft-soled and no matter how many cute hard soled kicks I find, she always seems to gravitate to the soft- soles.  They’re easier to put on and much more comfortable. Zoe has the freedom to move her little piggies freely as she doesn’t feel confined.

I’ve had plenty of people ask about rocks and what happens if she steps on them. Yes, she feels it but most times, we manages to move around the rock without stepping on them. I believe that these soft-soled shoes strengthen their little feet and they develop of their feet and leg muscles much more than when wearing regular hard soles. Think about all the children in the world, both past and present, that didn’t or don’t have Footwear . Shoes were not always a necessity!

This summer while on vacation, we took a pair of sandals and experienced blisters, constantly dirty feet and falls due to soles catching on surroundings. With our Kicks-A-Roo on, we had no falls no issues and mostly no sweaty socked feet.  One of the things I love the most about these soft-soled shoes is that when they dirty, they are easy to clean. Simply throw them in the washer and let them air dry. Voila.. clean shoes!


In conclusion, this small Canadian business is one to stand behind! A mom of two beautiful young children, she is not only incredibly sweet and patient but hardworking and her generosity knows no bounds! Head over to Facebook, Instagram and take advantage of 15% off your order. You can get your pair now on the Kicks-A-Roo website and use code atoz15 at checkout!

Soft-Soled Shoes






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