Taco Tuesday is a thing in our house! With a strong-willed spirited picky eater sitting at my table, I will almost eat anything to not hear her WHINE about food…. “I don’t LIKE it!”  SOO frustrating! So here is this week’s Foodie Friday

Once we finally got her eating Taco’s, it became a weekly thing! Chowing down 4 taco’s in one seating, I’d call this Success! But week after week, eating the same thing it starts to get a bit old! So I began to get brave in my Tuesday tradition.  I tried enchilada’s one night and even went as far as to do Baked Taco’s, which were a huge hit, it’s really not that different but it gave it a little something extra!

Baked Taco’s

Prepare your Taco filling as usual, we use ground turkey for a healthier version.  You can also throw in some peppers, onions, and mushrooms to the mix to give it an extra kick. F

ill up your Hard Taco shells 2/3 the way full with the fully cooked meat filling. Place them in an oven-safe dish standing up and smother them in grated cheese and bake in the oven until the cheese is melted.

Baked Tacos for Taco Tuesday
Baked Tacos


You can then choose to put your regular toppings on and eat as normal or leave them off and eat as is like we did, but with our favourite Taco Sour Cream Dip.. ok, my favourite sour cream dip.Which is a small container of Sour Cream and one package of taco seasoning, combine and mix well for at least one minute.  Refrigerate for one hour prior to eating.
There you have it my friends, that is our Tuesday night, everything is really easy and simple.  A family favourite recipe, guaranteed to be FUN and clear of all whining!



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