A Personal Mission Statement The Key to Finding A Happy You!

Personal Mission Statement

If you follow me on Instagram at all, you may have heard me talking about my personal mission statement in the last half of the year. Many businesses have one but do you for yourself personally? Does your family? Putting my own personal beliefs and goals down on paper was one of the best things […]

I Love You To Pieces Easy Valentine’s Puzzle Craft

I Love You To Pieces Easy Valentine's Puzzle Craft 1

We published this valentine’s puzzle craft but somehow our pin went missing so we’ve updated the post with a pinnable image at the end! We all have one puzzle that after a few good rounds of a toddler is missing one or six pieces.  Here is a quick fun way to make use of that […]

10 Ways You are Not A Bad Mama… {FREE PRINTABLE}

10 Ways You are Not A Bad Mama... {FREE PRINTABLE} 3

If you follow me on social media, Instagram specifically, you will know that I’m pretty darn honest about #momlife. I’ve asked myself many times “am I a bad mama?” and I share these moments on Instragram. While I agree that Instagram is a place to share your pretty little squares, I believe that some sense […]

In A Rush? Quick & Easy Southwest Chicken Quinoa Dinner

Southwest Chicken

Like many other households, Santa delivered an Instant Pot  Duo Plus this year for Christmas! I hadn’t really known much about it until my slow cooker literally fell apart. With no experience with a pressure cooker before, I will be the first to admit I was a bit intimidated. Life is now 50 shades of […]

An Easy and Healthy Breakfast Pizza Recipe

An Easy and Healthy Breakfast Pizza Recipe 5

Pizza is a staple in our house! We’ve talked about this before, it’s no secret that we all love our Pizza. Now combine in the breakfast element and this breakfast pizza is a complete level up! This recipe is very easy to make and can be prepped ahead of time. It’s guaranteed to be a […]