A Good Nights Rest At The Westin Bayshore!

Westin Bayshore

Think back as far as you can remember to that last sleep before you had children! You remember how peaceful that rest was? Now rewind to that last sleep you had ALONE! Before you had kids and before you had a partner to share a bed with! What glorious memories those were! Thanks to the Westin Bayshore, I […]

Postpartum Depression – Let’s Talk About It!

Postpartum Depression - Let's Talk About It! 1

Postpartum Depression is not a secret, when we talk about it, we can stop the whispers behind closed doors! It’s terrible and I had it, along with many other mothers and not just 1st-time mothers. It can also happen to adoptive mothers. Did you know that 1 in 8 mothers will experience PPD? Next time […]

Vancouver Christmas Market Has A New Home!

A new home

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I’m just kidding! However,  as soon as this email came across our inbox, a little Christmas spirit swept over me! One of my favourite things to do at Christmas time is attend the Vancouver Christmas Market.  This year we will be enjoying the infamous Mulled Wine, the […]

Is Guilt Getting In The Way Of Your Wellness? #AtoZSelfLove

Is wellness a Priority?

As women, we more often than not put our own well-being on the back burner!  I don’t remember the last time I made my wellness a priority! I say wellness because I am not just talking about my external self but internally we need love there too! I’ve always poured every ounce of myself into […]

Playtex Sipster: Transitioning To A Sippy Cup!

transitioning to a sippy cup

Growing up, hitting milestones, and transitioning from a baby to being toddler is exciting and incredibly terrifying! Thanks to Playtex for being that strong leader in the baby product industry. Mothers around the world turn to Playtex for their baby needs.  Armed with confidence, moms know that with plenty years of experience, Playtex is truly […]