Top 5 MUST HAVE Delicious Gluten Free Products In Vancouver

Gluten Free Products

DISCLAIMER: We received some of these gluten free products in exchange for inclusion in this post! All opinions expressed are 100% our own and as always, if we don’t love them, I don’t share it! Vancouver is home to some of the most delicious diverse foods in Canada. From the vegan products to the vegetarian products […]

The Wiggles Tour Is Coming To The Orpheum Theatre In Vancouver

The Wiggles Tour

The Wiggles Tour is Coming! If you have Treehouse, I can guarantee that you’ve heard of, sung along to or danced with our friends The Wiggles. Derived from their number one hit Show on Treehouse, our friends Emma, Lachy, Simon, and Anthony hit the stage with their Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Tour. The Wiggles tour is […]

Family Secrets To Happy Car Travel With Toddlers!

Car Travel with Kids

What do you get when you put a toddler in a car to travel 17 hrs with a husband who wants to “make good time”…. a mom who needs a drink! #truestory! Every year I psych myself up for a long torturous travel back to Saskatchewan for my grandmothers birthday. Most of the time I fly […]

6 Must Have Beach Bags For Under $30

Beach Bags for making sure you get to the beach!

#BAGSARETHENEWCATS  We collect shoes, necklaces, dresses and purses but what about Beach Bags? Summer is right around the corner. Which means time for bright colours and fun accessories! Looking for a fun place to stash all your beach/pool necessities while trucking the kids off to the beach?  We’ve got the bags for you! My friend Kat […]

A Nutritional Struggle: Fueling Your Body To Go The Distance

A Nutritional Struggle: Fueling Your Body To Go The Distance 13

Though it feels like eons ago, completing my first 10KM run was just mere weeks ago. I’ve had several people reach out to see what the hardest part about running a 10km was and for me, that answer was easy, it was nutrition! I had written earlier that I was one of those people who thought you […]