If this is what life with daughters is truly like then all I can say is… That’s IT… I QUIT! Maybe it’s not just girls, maybe it’s being a parent in general but lately I’m  over it! Please don’t get me wrong, I love my babies but holy Hannah I am done! I need a break, a vacation, a time out, a something!  Please see the attached letter of resignation for your perusal. Where’s my wine at?

To whom it may concern,

I thank you so much for the opportunity to live, learn and grow but unfortunately at this time, I need to take some time to myself, to reflect, to mourn the loss for Saturday sleep ins and enjoy not having to do copious amounts of laundry and eat almost whatever I want and perhaps use the washroom ALONE with the door closed.

I need to take this time to wake up at whatever time I feel like in the morning, and make a cup of coffee, WHICH I should be able to enjoy drinking ALL of while it’s still hot!

I’ve learned the art of negotiating and losing but now I feel I need to take some time to practice the art of winning by experiencing a dinner without arguments or negotiating how much should be eaten in order to get desert.

I’ve also increased my arm muscle dramatically in my right arm through the art of multi-tasking and it would be a real treat to eat my meal at my own pace with BOTH hands.  I have become a skilled expert in the area of multi-tasking that I am able to breastfeed my youngest with one hand while making lunch for my oldest and brewing a that cup of coffee that I’ll only drink part of before I get distracted doing something else. I believe that I need to learn how to refocus myself on completing one task at a time and gain some muscle in my left arm, as to find balance in life!

I have learned from this lovely experience how to communicate with various walks of life, including emotional terrorists. I’ve learned to shift my emotions from happy to sad  to loving; all in the blink of an eye to accommodate the ever changing moods of the company in my presence, though not always by choice!

Further more the employee’s have taught me about difficult topics and how to address them in a way that you’d hope would be appropriate for all and that “Because I said so” is not an acceptable answer to curious minds.

We have been speaking in depth over the last few years regarding the uniform for the employees, there are many complaints regarding the amount of fuzz in the socks, or that tights might in fact be “too tight” and what exactly is summer wear vs. winter wear.  This may be an area that you will need to re-evaluate when you find a suitable replacement!

There has been many tears and laughter over the years and I don’t take lightly my time with the employee’s however, they are in a place of growth both physically and emotionally that at this time, I do not feel sufficiently and emotionally capable of fulfilling my duties as Mother,  Dentist, Doctor, Agent, Stuffie fixer, Chef,  Chauffer, housekeeper, financial planner, teacher,  and personal shopper just to name some of the many hats that I am required to wear within my day!

For these very selfish reasons, I quit!  I wish you nothing but the best and again thank you for everything!

Peace out Bitches! Mama’s going to get day drunk!  XO

Much love….


I love my babies and wouldn’t trade them for the world but holy moly.. sometimes they drive me NUTS! But sometimes I really question my sanity and my ability to be the kind of mom they need! Parenting is hard and I mean really hard so… cut a mama some slack and offer to take her kids off her hands so she can collect her sanity and become whole again or a moment!








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