4 Fun Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs: The Final Adventure

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

By now you must know that Harrison Hot Springs has a very special spot for me. From the romance to the food, right down to all the things to do in Harrison Hot Springs, if you haven’t visited yet, what are you waiting for?

Well over 10 years ago, we visited Harrison Hot Springs. My inner child fell in love with the story of the Sasquatch. There is something amazing about seeing each other wrapped in curiosity with an air of whimsy and wonder. We stopped into the Visitor Centre which has the Sasquatch Museum which will lead you compelling artifacts, history, witness accounts, science, lore, and myths. 

Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

Did I mention that if Sasquatch hunting is your game there is plenty to be found throughout the town and lots of amazing travels such as exploring the Sasquatch Trail? Start at Harrison Hot Springs’ welcome sign, before making your way to the Sasquatch Museum where you will learn about the First Nation’s Sasquatch story. Although now passed, June 15th and 16th were Harrison’s Sasquatch Days.

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs


In fact, we even founds things to do in Harrison Hot Springs on our way home and stopped at the Kilby Historic site on our final day. A delicious lunch, the cutest animals and exploring some more amazing pieces of Sasquatch History like seeing the set up used to make false Sasquatch footprints.

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

The Kilby Historic Site stands as the only reminder of the once-thriving community of Harrison Mills, BC. Step back in time and enjoy a leisurely tour of the Kilby Historic Site and the magnificent 1906 General Store Museum. View a fascinating gallery of product packaging dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. 

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs


So Many Things to Do in Harrison Hot Springs. But What Was Our Biggest Highlight?

It’s no secret, I’m happiest on a boat, something about a prairie girl on the open water is key to my heart. There are not many moments living in Vancouver when we get to experience being a boat unless it’s the ferry. We had the huge pleasure of experiencing a Lake cruise for 2 with Shoreline Tours.

It was such a beautiful and the water was so calm. It was nice to cuddle up on the boat and take in the lake in all its glory. Even my husband who doesn’t share the exact same love for boats and water that I do say it was one of the best moments of the trip. The tour is roughly 2 hrs long and the boat is equipped with delicious beverages and food available which is BBQ’d right there on the boat for you.

We sat in complete awe of the beauty of this lake and the properties surrounding it. We laughed and joked those adult-type jokes. You know those adult-type jokes you cannot always indulge in with children around and even daydreamed a little, picking out properties that we’d love to own.

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

The Lake Cruise for two is just one of the offerings from Harrison Eco Tours, showing you Harrison Lake’s best features including the prehistoric sturgeon, majestic salmon and the stunning bald eagles along the riverbank.

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Eco Tours offers a great variety of wildlife tours and jet boat tours, guided kayaking and guided hiking. Operating on the Harrison River, Fraser River, Harrison Lake, and the area surrounding Harrison Hot Springs itself, our goal is to provide guests with access to the incredible beauty of the area. The tour is roughly two hours long. 

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

I honestly could have spent hours longer on the boat. Harrison Eco Tours does such an amazing job of making you feel welcome and comfortable. With two levels which include indoor seating, I will definitely be back but this time for a longer day tour!

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs 4 Fun Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs: The Final Adventure 1

Disclaimer: We partnered up with Tourism Harrison to showcase the amazing things to do in Harrison Hot Springs. All opinions expressed are 100% my own!

PRO TIP: At Christmas, Harrison’s winter light attraction—*Lights by The Lake—has Sasquatch fishing, camping, and you can also enjoy other signature Harrison activities. Lights on the Lake starts on November 23rd this year. 

things to do in Harrison Hot Springs




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