It’s Days Like This When All I Can Think Of Is You

think of you

Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was write! I thought by now I would have an armful of published books, several children’s books, a few poetry books and possibly a few other publications. All I could ever think about was writing!

I recall type writers for a brief moment in time as a young girl. Then we got a computer, no internet. Then we had Floppy Discs. I had a boxes full of floppy discs. My writing was my everything. To write got me through break ups, fights, deaths, and falling out with friends. My final biggest break-up of my single life and my writing world came crashing down. It ended there.  I stopped wanting to write and for years, I never looked back!

However, there is always more to a story. I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was more to this story about writing, what it meant to me and how I finally walked away. For now, I will leave you with this poem as a bit of cliff hanger. I promise there will be more soon!


It’s days like this when all I can think of is you.

Humidity wraps itself around me and reminds me of your embrace

The gentle breeze whispers your voice in my ear, I love you.

Waiting by the phone, you never called.

Angrily I left in my car,

somehow everyone knew I’d be driving again today.

The wind blew my hair in every direction,

it reminded me of your smile, our smile.

I can’t feel you,

I can’t smell you,

I can’t even see you anymore.

The engine rumbles, I am comforted.

In the distance I hear a cry

It sounded like you,

We’ve become two children playing hide and seek.

The passion in your embrace,

the nervousness about your eyes,

fear amongst your hands,

intrigues me

I found a forever that almost passes for believable,

however you’ve always been a good actor.

You told me today you’d call,

you lied,


think of you



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