As 2015 comes to an end and 2016 is making it’s presence known with all sorts of planning for new reviews, new articles and giveaways, we wanted to take a moment to reflect! We went through our analytics to find the Top 10 posts based on views and are happy to share them with you again! I wasn’t shocked as these posts are some of my favourites as well!

Before we get to that I wanted to take a quick second to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the last year! It’s been a wild and crazy ride so far. I never imagined our lives taking this direction but I am so happy with where it’s going! Here is hoping for another successful year for both me and you! Watch your emails in the next few days, we’re sending out a special gift from me to all email subscribers!

In no particular order here are our Top 10 Blog posts of 2015

1. #EndMommyWars Video

Sometimes in a friendly scroll on Facebook, you can find posts that make you laugh, make you mad, or inspire you and make you cry. This video touched my heart, made my cry and inspired an honest post about my own worries and what Mommy Wars means to me.

2.  A Soother Scare

I still remember this happening and it still freaks me out to this day! As a second time parent, I know I’ve loosened up a bit and things that scared me as a first time mom weren’t as terrifying the second time. I learned this day to never say never! Whatever you think will never happen…. it can happen! Always be on the look out!

3. 6 Things to Know Before You Get The Elf On The Shelf

I’m so happy that you loved this post as much as I did, it was my first real attempt at adding some real humour to a post. I have many friends who adore their elf and many others like me who despise the little creep! Just remember, it’s really all about what works for you and your family, this damn elf was a terrible idea for us so we kicked him to the curb and said good riddance!

4. Customer Service – A Mother Scorned

This post was about the customer service received by a mom from a Baby Store, which took many turns before the dust settled! It all ends well, lessons were learned by all including ME! This post crashed our site several times within a few hours.

5.  What is Gender? 

This post, this mom and child warm my heart. A friend of mine who will remain anonymous let me interview her regarding her child born male asking to be addressed as female.  Her responses are so loving, genuine and inspiring, even if she wanted to remain unknown, I wanted you to know their story. This is true parenting in it’s finest!

6. One for the Books

We had the joy this year of working with E.Fraser Photography on a Holiday Review which produced the most amazing photo book I’ve ever seen and received. The memories created were beautiful and will be treasured forever! Please make sure to keep Erin in mind for your photo needs.. she’s amazing, just read my review!

7. Dear Christmas I’m Just Not That Into You

As the year progressed, my writing style and efforts improved so drastically, which meant my confidence sky rocketed. This comments and feedback from the honesty and emotions that I poured into this post about lacking the gusto at Christmas time warmed my heart. This Christmas was really hard on me and knowing that I wasn’t alone was exactly what I needed.

8. Just Say No!

Someone always wants something for free so I dedicated an entire blog post to why we need to “just say no” we start to set a standard when we’re constantly discounting our time and services, we need to train people even our friends and family to pay for these services, I cannot ask Safeway to discount my milk!

9. I Needed To Fall Apart To Be Put Back Together

As I mentioned up above in #7 Christmas this year was really hard on me and it took quite a bit to get out of this funk and fall back in love with Christmas, while I still wasn’t fully committed, I allowed myself to feel what I felt and realized that I needed to let go of some memories to make room for all the new ones I could create if I let go!

10.  It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True

A sponsored post made it into the Top 10 viewed posts?! Newborn Moms is a new web series created for moms about the joys and hardships of #momlife.  The quick 2 minute clips are sure to have you busting a gut laughing and appreciating that you are so not alone!

What a fun trip down memory lane! Thank you again for everything this past year your support has meant the world to me and I’m looking forward to bringing new funny and honest content in 2016. Get ready this is going to be a wild ride!





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