Playtex Sipster: Transitioning To A Sippy Cup!

transitioning to a sippy cup

GrowinTransitioning with Sipster Stage 3g up, hitting milestones, and transitioning from a baby to being toddler is exciting and incredibly terrifying! Thanks to Playtex for being that strong leader in the baby product industry. Mothers around the world turn to Playtex for their baby needs.  Armed with confidence, moms know that with plenty years of experience, Playtex is truly designing and redesigning the best of products.

For us letting go of the baby bottle and moving Zoe to a big girl cup has been an adventure. With so many options in mind, it truly is trial and error in most cases. We listened to our other experienced mom friends and Playtex has always been highly recommended. So with our brand preference in mind, it was then a matter of getting the right lid for Zoe.

We took our favourite Sipster on vacation with us to Saskatoon this summer. Our Sipster was thrown around various planes, trains and car rides across BC, AB and SK and never once did it leak.  The cups come in 4 different stages, starting at 4 months to 24 months and up. We opted for stage 2 cup as Zoe has been loving to mimic her big sister drinking out of a straw. However, there are so many other stages that would fit for her. The Stage 4 Sport cup is designed to hold more liquid for active kids just like Zoe. They are also insulated to keep drinks cool and fresh. They’re a durable solution for toddlers on the move!

playtex2Their ergonomic design makes it easy for those little hands to hold onto. To ensure that your little one can enjoy play time and stay hydrated without any spills, the cups are 100% spill-proof, leak-proof and break-proof. Stage 3 and 4 cups are also available in all new designs. These designs include Batman, Superman, My Little Pony and Thomas the Tank Engine, making transitioning fun  as they’re doing it with their favourite characters.

Our effort transitioning Zoe from a bottle to sippy cup were easier because we trusted our Playtex Sipsters.  Finally an insulated cup that doesn’t leak, keeps the drinks cold and can withstand being thrown down a flight of concrete stairs on the acreage. Our Playtex Sipster replaced all of the sippy cups in the cupboard that didn’t make the roster. Transitioning doesn’t need to be hard, just as with so many other products before, Playtex has your back moms!


**We received our Sipster and compensation in exchange for an honest Product Review!**



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