Time Flies when you’re a walking incubator!  We are officially on Bump watch and I have been making symptom lists.  The worst one affecting me the most is my sense of smell.  The smell of grapes on Ava’s breathe from her lunch is still there after school time  when I pick her up! She hugs me and says,” Hi Mom!” and I cringe. If you’ve gone number 2 in the last hour… I KNOW!  This is why I could be a truffle pig!

Image courtesy of pregnancytips.org
Image courtesy of pregnancytips.org

Now I can look back and count all the different ways that this baby was a different pregnancy right from the start but it becomes more and more apparent with each passing week!

First Trimester difference wasn’t really as noticeable, but I can say that with Ava I felt no morning sickness at all.  The 1st few weeks after learning of this pregnancy with baby no.2,I was nauseous….  ALOT!  It was actually one of the biggest indications that something was off.

Second Trimester: Crazy lady HORMONES… wow I recall with Ava being a little grouchy because of the bed rest but what I felt this time around was enough to make me go bananas on the girl working drive through at Tim Horton’s if she took too long getting me my coffee.  Mind you I had a lot going on in my personal life besides being pregnant, that is my excuse and I’m sticking too it! The hormones were probably the biggest difference besides heat but Ava was born at the end of January and now baby 2 is due mid November so difference of weight gain during the summer months.

Now third trimester: Bump Watch Symptoms  ( ** marks different from last pregnancy at 36 weeks)

  • Irritated and tired.
  • **Swollen…. very very swollen in the hands and feets
  • **Belly is quite hard with a lot of BH contractions in the evenings
  • **Mild lower back pain, few belly aches, lightning (OW..ALOT)
  • Much easier to breathe, baby has dropped according to last appt. but is not fully engaged.
  • I am gaining very little weight between appointments.
  • **A lot of pressure in my lady bits, muscles are very sore, hard to lift legs to put on pants or take off pants.
  • **Loss of appetite
  •  **Last and WORST symptom EVER would be a crazy insane heightened sense of smell!  I can smell everything.. the garbage makes me gag just at the thought of opening the lid, the plant smells both indoors and outdoors, the food smells.  I could make a small fortune off of finding truffles I believe, and I can’t say that I would hate it, I could really go for some truffle fries and/or dip right now!

For those of you who don’t know what a truffle pig is, well you are about to become educated.  I guess, they are technically called a Truffle HOG as told by Wikipedia and if you don’t now what a Truffle is, you can learn about it here. I learned about Truffle hogs on an episode of the Simpsons and basically put, Truffles are a type of Fungus that can be found as far underground as 3m and are found close to the root of a tree and this method of extraction using a Truffle Hog dates as far back as the 18th century.  They would take these pigs out into the forest and because of their innate ability to sniff out truffles this made them the best candidate for the job but they were also known for having a tendency to eat said truffles once they were found.  (That description sums me up perfectly with my sense of smell issue, well for good foods anyways)These are a incredibly expensive and therefor used sparingly but man oh man… they are tasty!  Moving on…

Thanks quickmeme.com for the pic

My Doctor thinks this could be a Halloween baby but we will know more on the 27th. I will be 37 weeks and will be having my cerclage removed at 10 am and then we will do an ultrasound to see where she is sitting and weight gain and all that fun final stuff.  I’m still not 100% sure that she will be early but definitely with each passing day it’s getting harder to think we could go anywhere close to 40 weeks!

But as this is our last and final baby, I really want to try to enjoy these final weeks. I’m not a 100% huge fan of being pregnant, I can definitely appreciate the miracle pregnancy is and what a complete honor it is to be chosen to carry a child in your womb. I just feel like I’ve been hi-jacked!

Final preparations:

Baby Gear:  Diaper pail,  Ergo Infant Insert, Baby Bath tub, change table pad, some additional diapers and wipes.

  1. Baby Nook: Finish putting up pictures and decorations. Some Baskets for nook organization, finish hanging baby clothes.
  2. Finish packing hospital bags, buy big sister present, finishing preparing extra meals!



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