Inspire Their Tween Fashionista Creativity {Giveaway}

Tween Fashionista Fashion Maker

Encourage Your Tween Fashionista To Design Their Own Accessories With Gel A Peel Fashion Maker

One of best things about Ava’s age is a certain amount of independence that comes with being 8 almost 9 years old.  From watching me run my own online store, Ava is always scheming to make some extra dough. Remember Gel A Peel from our post this summer? They know have the  Gel A Peel Fashion Maker which has inspired Ava’s fashionista to make T-shirts for herself and her sister as a jumping off point! It’s a wonderful little machine for the tween fashionista in your life!  Thankfully Ava can fully operate on her own and I will happily encourage this creativity!

Fashion Maker

The Gel A Peel Fashion Maker is a really neat way to inspire creativity! Both Ava and Zoe went through all the stencils setting aside their favourite ones. Then spent the next 20 minutes going through drawers to find apparel that Ava could personalize.  The possibilities are endless with many surfaces the gel can be applied to. Furthermore, it’s the perfect way to truly make it their own! Dad even almost ended up with an Ice Cream cone on his favourite shirt.

This patent pending innovative gel compound and crafting kits, Gel-a- Peel provides tween girls an easy way to design their own trend-forward fashion and lifestyle accessories.  While the Fashion Maker is best suited for 8+, Ava was really excited to teach her little sister how to do it, even if Zoe wasn’t truly helpful beyond picking the color and stencil.

Gel-A-Peel Fashion Maker

Just trace the templates, peel the gel design and the creations are ready to wear and share! It’s truly that easy!  Ava loves that she can create something of her own, all on her own. Inspiring creativity helps build Ava’s self-confidence and the designs are really cute and very easy to use! Every fashionista should experience the joy of designing their own creations.

Gel-A-Peel Fashion Maker

Ava loved picking her own designs, set everything up and truly take control by picking the colors. Apply the gel directly to the stencil, use the squeegee to spread the gel over the stencil.  Ensure all areas are filled in. Lift the screen and stencil away from the garment and let dry overnight! Just like that, so easy!

With the new Gel A Peel Fashion Maker, Tween Fashionista’s can girls take their fashionable creativity skills to the next level.

You can create fun gel fashions, patches, and colorful accessories!  With 40+ design stencils and templates, the Fashion Maker is a great craft for girls to do with their friends.  You could try it for parties and even sleepovers!

The Gel A Peel Fashion Maker includes 5 gel color tubes, fashion maker with storage and gel tube display, 40+ design stencils, templates and more!

You can find your Tween Fashionista this Gel A Peel Fashion Maker available at Amazon, Indigo, Red Apple, and Toys R Us MSRP: $69.99

**We received this Fashion Maker as compensation for an honest review and Giveaway blog post!**

Inspire Their Tween Fashionista Creativity {Giveaway} 1

Tween Fashionista

Inspire Their Tween Fashionista Creativity {Giveaway} 3

Inspire Their Tween Fashionista Creativity {Giveaway} 5

Inspire Their Tween Fashionista Creativity {Giveaway} 7


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34 Responses

  1. What a fun product, I’m sure my 13 year old daughter would love this for Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win! Her favourite fashion accessory is her scarves!

    (FYI the link for visiting you on Instagram is incorrect)

  2. My daughter does not leave the house without her purse. She carries all of her hair accessories in it.

  3. OK I feel like I want this for me! Lol. But seriously I know my daughter and I would have a blast with this. I’d say her favourite thing to leave the house with a sweater (other than her blanket that goes EVERYWHERE with her).

  4. My daughter Ava, can’t leave home without her slime. I know it’s not so much a fashion accessory- but every girl we know around here is obsessed with it!

  5. DD loves a good headband, usually one with ears on them. She has also been making necklaces, and likes wearing those.

  6. My daughters never leave the house without some kind of hair accessory – they have a big basket of hairbands, scrunchies, barrettes, clips, etc. that they choose from and although they choose something different almost every time, it is guaranteed that they do not leave the house without something “fancy” in their hair!

  7. My daughter likes to bring her purse when she goes out. She isn’t always allowed to but most of the time she can. Thanks!

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