An Easy & Delicious Unicorn Popcorn Birthday Recipe

Unlike the unicorn, unicorn popcorn is very much a real thing! My Zoe recently celebrated her 3rd birthday in style. Zoe has a deep love of all things horses.  Naturally, she fell in love with pretty unicorns. So we kept that unicorn theme and spread it throughout her birthday party. The week before Zoe’s birthday I finally got my butt in gear! Somehow I managed to pull together all things Unicorn inspired, enter the Unicorn Popcorn!

Unicorn Popcorn Mix

I started to recognize that my expectations for birthday parties were becoming unruly and I was losing sight of what birthday parties were truly about. I would become disappointed when not as many people showed up as I had wanted, or people wouldn’t call and all my expectations simply became unreasonable. So as we approached Zoe’s first birthday, I uninvited everyone and just said, if you want to come we will be here and if not, that’s cool too! I enjoyed her first birthday for exactly what it was meant to be about.. ZOE! This method of planning has stuck ever since.

Since she doesn’t really love cake, I decided to ply the party goer’s full of sugar like any good hostess/mother would do and watched the kids fend for themselves amongst a sea of toys! Smart right?! With rainbow coloured candies, mini marshmallows and marshmallows from the loveliest Marsh&Mallow all jazzed up with the prettiest colors made for Uni

corns. But the hit of the party was the Unicorn Popcorn, with a little bit of sweet (ok…a lot of sweet) and a little bit of salty combined with both soft and crunchy the kids and parents DEVOURED the Unicorn Popcorn.

Want To Know What’s in our Unicorn Popcorn Mix?

What you will need:

Large Bowl of air popped popcorn

Pink Candy Melts

Strawberry Wafer cookies

Mini Marshmallows


Mini Rainbow Marshmallows

Let’s get started with this Easy Unicorn Popcorn DIY

How to Make:

1. Pop a large bowl of popcorn. Microwaves candy melts for 90 seconds stirring every 30. Once fully melted pour over popcorn and toss to coat.

2. Before the candy melts harden, pour desired sprinkles over top and toss to coat again!

3. Add half a bag of mini marshmallows. Cut strawberry wafers into smaller pieces and add to the unicorn popcorn mixture!

4. Top with the rainbow marshmallows from your kids Lucky Charms.


Unicorn Popcorn & Treats!
Marshmallows by the lovely Marsh&Mallow

Now sit back and watch the Unicorn Popcorn disappear! With all the pieces added together, this treat is guaranteed to impress! Trust me, it’s such a fun little treat with the all best colours, I bet you will not be able to eat just one bowl full!

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Unicorn Popcorn

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  1. mmmmm candy filled popcorn! We had a unicorn theme for a 4th birthday for my middle girl. 2 years later and her love of unicorns is still going strong! This looks like a tasty treat!

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