Once upon a time this amazing woman who owns this beautiful small company called VeeVee’s Accessories contacted me about collaborating! I immediately headed over to her Instagram account and fell head over heels in all over her handmade goods! Again and Again, her creativity leads to this captivating pieces that I knew I needed to write about her family, her company and her work ethic!

I began to probe Angela with questions about what makes her Tick, here is a bit of her story! Just try not to lover her… I dare you!

Vancity Mommy D: Tell us about you!
Angela: I grew up in Langley and met my husband in high school when I was 16. We dated for 4 years and got married in 2007. I have a background in early Childhood Education and worked in a daycare until my oldest son Jaxon was born in 2009. 21 months later my daughter Alivia came along and surprised us 3.5 weeks early on December 24, 2010. My third baby Hudson was born just 15 months later in March of 2012 and now we had our biggest age gap at 2.5 years and my sweet little Zoey was born is September. Yes, I am done! No more babies over here!

Copyright Sweet Sparrow Studios
Copyright Sweet Sparrow Studios

Vancity Mommy D: How did you start your business? Who taught you?
Angela: I started my business 4 years ago in 2011 as more of a hobby. My daughter was a baldy and hardly any hair so I made headbands for her to wear, I enjoyed it so much I decided to try to sell them. My business kind of evolved from there when I taught myself to crochet around that same time. My daughter had been given this adorable crocheted hat as a gift and when she out grew it I figured “Hey I could do that!” I watched Youtube videos and followed tutorials and figured it out pretty quickly. I’ve grown my business on my unique hats and slippers, a lot of the time I make something because I love it and then cross my fingers and hope other people do too!

Vancity Mommy D: How did you come up with the shop name?
Angela: I came up with the name for my shop (VeeVee’s) from my oldest son, he called his sister ‘baby’ until she was about 9 months old than one day he called her Veevee (for Alivia) instead of baby and that name stuck. My business has had it’s ups and downs whenever I’ve had a new baby, but that’s the beauty of being my own boss! I am able to put my family first and this business allows me to stay home and be with my 4 children, while making some income on the side. I used to solely work on orders when they were napping or in bed at night, now that they are getting a little older I can sometimes squeeze in some crocheting while they are off playing together.

Vancity Mommy D: Is VeeVee’s just you or do you have some help?

Angela: Last year in the fall my friend Michelle (who I’ve known for 15 years) and her mom Mariet joined my shop and they are the knitters, making lots of cute newborn photo props, blankets and other hats. It’s a collaborative effort on some items, and there’s always lots of ideas flying around- most days here isn’t enough hours in the day for us to get done what we would like as we have 9 kids between the 2 of us (myself with 4 and Michelle with 5).

Vancity Mommy D: Wow 9 kids? When you ladies work together, are all children present?
Angela: We actually rarely work together, we either crochet or knit on our own (usually at night when the kids are asleep) I’m in charge of all the online and business side of things, updating Etsy, Instagram and facebook and doing all the packaging and shipping. We do get together at least once a week as our kids are also great friends and while they play we talk shop and brainstorm ideas.

Vancity Mommy D: Did you always know you wanted 4 kids?

Angela: Before I had any kids I always wanted 6 (yes, crazy!!) Once I had my first I knew 6 was WAY too many! My husband was done with 3, but I just wasn’t convinced that was our number, so he conceded and 4 it is. To say 4 kids in 5 and a half years isn’t crazy would be a lie- it’s madness most days but I love it! My hubby
is a pipefitter, just switched jobs last November before that he was an aircraft structural technician, the pay wasn’t nearly enough to support our growing family so he found something that would better provide for us. He is now on his 4th year apprenticeship for Pipe-fitting.


Vancity Mommy D: Where do you get your ideas from and what inspires you?
Angela: My inspiration comes from my children, it’s the reason I started my business in the first place, I make a lot of baby and children’s items because that is what my life is full of right now.

My ideas come from various places, sometimes a picture I have seen online which I then adapt to what I like. I also have some patterns that are directly from someone else and I then make it my own by the colours or embellishments I choose.

Getting to know Angela over the last few months, has been an honor and quite frankly she inspires me! I have two kids and I struggle to find the balance in life to get things done in a timely manner. She does it with 4 kids! Angela’s worth ethic and story is inspiring and it’s Mom’s like Angela that deserve all the recognition in the world.


Angela is so generous she wants you to experience VeeVee’s Accessories for yourself that she is giving away a $30 shop credit for anything in her Etsy Shop. To play along, we need you to go to her etsy shop..click the link above, check everything out, and then come back and let us know what your favorite product is and what color you would want it in! Enter via Rafflecopter widget on the Giveaway Tab! Good Luck.. contest ends Sunday night at 11:59pm



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