Is Guilt Getting In The Way Of Your Wellness? #AtoZSelfLove

Is wellness a Priority?

As women, we more often than not put our own well-being on the back burner!  I don’t remember the last time I made my wellness a priority! I say wellness because I am not just talking about my external self but internally we need love there too! I’ve always poured every ounce of myself into everything except myself! I took me for granted.


I often write about mommy time or mom life and how much you need to take time for yourself.  If I can be honest… I don’t often practice what I preach! I’ve devoted all of me to my family and then to my work in hopes that someone would see my worth. I completely forgot about the one person who my worth truly matters to.. ME!

I recently took Ava and Zoe to Saskatoon to visit family for my grandmothers 97th birthday with no husband in tow. We were away for 3 weeks. This was probably one of the hardest things I had done in a while.  We’ve had many issues with Ava behaviourally for the last two years. It’s been taxing on us as a family and myself personally.

On this vacation, I would regularly stop by my husbands IG account to see what he’s been up to. My husband is a DJ, on top of many other jobs. Now this is where perception kicks in. As a DJ, his job is to supply the music for the party, which often means that you will only see the party pics and the fun. You don’t see a mom stuffing marshmallows in her face, while hiding from the kids!  You don’t see what life is really like. I never understood this before but slowly as I delve further into my blog career, I understand this now. No one wants to see a DJ’s wife losing her mind in the corner!

There I am knee-deep in temper tantrums from both my 7-year-old and my 21 month old, and his instagram shows him enjoying a cold beer lake side in the Okanagan! Now the irrational over-tired mentally exhausted mama wants to explode in a fit of jealousy. *Deep Breath In*

This summer I also visit my brother, sister-in-law and two gorgeous nephews in Regina for a few days. While it was too short, it was exactly what I needed. My brother Jeff, while we spent a few years apart has always been someone very special in my life. Even now as an adult, he has these moments of such softness towards me that melts my heart! At the end of the day, he’s got his sh*t together!  He embodies the meaning behind the book “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*CK!”

This book is actually what inspired this campaign. We were shopping in Chapters when I came across it and laughed. My sister-in-law agreed that I should really read it! This guilty notion came over me about buying a $20 book. I have these commitment issues see! It was a lot to commit to a book for $20. I could probably use that $20 on buying something for the girls or even that time I’ve spent reading, I could probably be doing something for the them. I had these immense feeling of guilt overwhelm me. I put the book down and walked away.



Long story short, I bought the book and I’ve slowly but surely, guilt free I’ve been reading it! I’ve had these feelings for a few years now that if I was doing something for me and someone saw it, they’d judge me for taking personal time. I’ve seen that mom sitting in Starbucks with her book and drinking a hot coffee and felt envy! Or the mom sitting in the nail salon getting her nails done. I’ve put down the good shampoo and bought the cheap stuff because my girls needed something more!

I've muttered the words under breathe far too many times," Must be nice...."

Well not anymore, September I’m giving back to me! For every time I’ve skipped the nice coffee for something cheaper, for every book I’ve set done, every hair appointment never made, or article of clothing put back. September, I’m going to work on me, work on getting rid of that guilt and feeling good about investing in my own wellness!

The best way to be a good mom, wife, daughter, sister, grand-daughter, friend and peer is to show myself a little self-love! All month long and a little into October, I’ll featuring businesses, products and ways to make your wellness a priority!

This month, I am challenging you to a self-love challenge. Do little things for yourself! Don’t rush home after being away from the girls.. they can handle your kids a little bit longer, I swear! Splurge and get the expensive coffee just one time! Read a book! Say No to something you really just don’t want to do! Know that it is ok to put yourself first above that feeling of obligation. Be sure to tell yourself everyday,”I Deserve Love too!”

We want to see how you show yourself self-love! Upload photos to Instagram with hashtag #atozselflove or email them to me at avatozoeblog (at) all September long for a chance to win a very special treat in honour of #selfloveseptember!





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