I’ve worked with many amazing companies both BIG and small so far and in many different capacities over the last two years. We’ve prided ourselves on working closely with companies independently and through PR/Media Companies, here is what people are saying.

I love to write posts for you talking about matters of the heart and sanity and one article that still to this day owns my heart is the story of one of the most amazing mama’s I know and her daughters’ journey in life.  Here is what she had to say:

“Janette wrote about my gender curious daughter. All of her questions were professional and sensitive in our delicate situation. Her heart is clearly driven to help parents and I adored working with her! Xoxo”

I’ve started Mom-Approved Mondays, which are my review a new product, company or service every Monday, here is what some of those companies have said about working with me.

“Vancity Mommy D is a pleasure to work with! She has an engaging and honest style of writing which makes her stand out as a mommy blogger! Stephanie Chan of Love Designs

As a host for Facebook parties, here is what two companies had to say:

what people are saying!
Glitter & Spice – Fashionable & Modern Teething Necklaces

“Being a fairly new business owner, I am always looking for new and creative ways to gain exposure and expand my network.  Janette helped us gain SO more traffic and she made it so effortless! She did such a fantastic job organizing so many amazing companies and did a tremendous job with the PR to get buzz around the party! I spoke to some of the other local companies who took part in the Facebook party and we all agreed it was hands down the best party! I am grateful to have been one of the lucky vendors and will definitely be first in line when she hosts another one!”  Lorene Mah with Glitter & Spice

What people are saying
Mint & Birch – Handmade, customizable jewelry to represent loved ones.

Janette hosted a Facebook party for her blog, and when I was invited I gladly joined. Janette gives it her all, and it shows: I received at least 50 new likes on my FB page, as well as a tremendous boost of traffic and engagement on my Facebook page that continued after the giveaway was over. I highly recommend Janette because not only does she know how to capture the target audience and engage with them, she is hard working and dedicated. Not only is Janette easy to work with, she’s got a super fun personality that makes every social promotion she does fun and engaging!” Jessica Birak – Mint & Birch

As I’ve slowly been building clientele in Social Media,  I began by connecting with fellow mompreneurs to offer my assistance.  Here is what one of my clients had to say:

What people are saing“I connected with Janette over Instagram and feel as though we are kindred spirits. She recently convinced me to put my business on Facebook, something I was reluctant to do since I wasn’t sure I would have the time to manage it and also had forgotten how to use FB since the last time I was on 4 years ago. I’m so glad she convinced me and she even set up my page for me. It looks great and Janette has been more than attentive and patient with this FB “newbie”. So glad I had her help”  Amanda Toth – Bebe.de.luxe

We love making new friends and new connections, should you wish to work with us in any capacity, please do not hesitate to ask. Our email is avatozoeblog (at) gmail.com