Who’s Better? Endy vs Douglas Mattress From GoodMorning.com

douglas mattress
 I have partnered with GoodMorning.com and was provided with a mattress in exchange for my thoughts. My opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

If you’ve ever gone mattress shopping before, I’m sure you now have a list as long as your arm of things you’d rather do then spend time test driving mattresses and dealing with pushy salespeople. Along comes the bed in a box and the game has changed. We recently switched from our previous bed in a box. So who’s better? Endy vs Douglas.

If you are anything like me, a good night’s sleep is crucial for the success of not only me but my family too. It’s not just a happy wife, happy life but happy Mom too.  I may not always be able to get in a solid 8hrs of sleep but the sleep I am getting needs to support my body in all the right places.

endy vs douglas

Like many others, when I moved in with my husband, then boyfriend, we decided to invest in purchasing a good quality bed. After many stores and many beds, we ended up investing more than we wanted into a bed after paying all the extra fee’s of delivery and warranties, etc. When the bed wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and the customer service at that traditional mattress store was less than subpar on that 10-year warranty we paid extra for.

Frustrated like most people do when dealing with this retailer, we gave up! After scouring the market from the comfort of our own home, we decided to reinvest in our quality of life with our first bed in a box mattress from Endy.

endy vs douglas

Why did we make the switch? Endy vs Douglas

That switch from a traditional spring mattress to the Endy mattress was a game-changer. Quality of sleep was greatly improved, however, I did find our Endy mattress a bit softer and definitely on the warmer side despite their open-cell foam top layer. I naturally tend to run a bit hot and after my long runs when my body just needs the time to rest and recover, the last thing I want is to be woken up because I’m overheating. 

douglas mattress

We fell in love with the experience of buying a bed in a box; delivered right to your door, set up in minutes, and no pushy salespeople! With many more competitors on the market, we wanted to see what our options were and this is when I found Goodmorning.com; one of Canada’s largest independent online mattress retailers.

GoodMorning.com is the parent company to Novosbed, Douglas, Logan & Cove, Brunswick, Recore, Juno, and Apollo. So now I had a platform to research several different mattress brands all in one spot saving me time and energy! I was able to find something that was better suited to our personal sleeping needs and that is where I found Douglas by GoodMorning.com

With three layers of high-quality eco-foam delivering active cooling, perfect bounce, and balanced pressure relief every night, I knew I needed to learn more about this Douglas mattress. As I kept reading product information and watching reviews, it just kept getting better. Not only do they have a longer warranty than Endy but they also have a 120-day sleep guarantee which is also longer than Endy’s 100-day sleep guarantee.

Who's Better? Endy vs Douglas Mattress From GoodMorning.com 1

It’s really hard not to love everything that Douglas stands for, making Douglas a no brainer for our next mattress investment. With manufacturing and shipping exclusively in Canada, Douglas’ carbon footprint is greatly reduced — from foam to fabric, and even packaging, Douglas sources from Canadian suppliers, and each product is made-to-order in Ontario, Canada.

Ok, but now how does the Douglas Mattress sleep?! Like a baby..err shall I say like a husband?

The biggest selling featuring for myself in the Endy vs Douglas battle is that the Douglas mattress is cooling, with TENCEL® (from Eucalyptus trees) in cover for softness and cooling via moisture wicking. I can sleep soundly throughout the night with the temperature being a non-issue.

With the gel memory foam being lighter and less temperature-sensitive than older foams, the medium-firm Douglas mattress supports my body in all the right places. I do find the edges to be a bit softer than on our previous Endy mattress but overall, I’m finding that the Douglas pillows and mattress are a better fit for our sleep!

Oh you didn’t know Douglas made pillows? Sure do and they are quite lovely. I found the Endy pillows to be quite over stuffed with the shredded memory foam. While they are customizable, I found I was adding and removing a fair bit of stuffing on a continual basis in order to find the sweet spot. The Douglas Adjustable Memory Foam pillows arrived ready to go and with less guesswork.

endy vs douglas

So to sum it all up, in my Endy vs Douglas battle, not only is Douglas by GoodMorning.com priced lower than all other mattresses in Canada competing in the mid-market segment, starting at $599. The Gel Memory Foam is lighter and less temperature-sensitive than older foams. It performs better for longer with less petroleum input, making it a much more eco-conscious choice.

Like Endy, Douglas is 100% made in Canada, sold exclusively to Canadians, and personifies Canada with its unique cover design. Both the pillows and the mattress have easy wash covers, making it easier to extend the life of your mattress and pillows. Simply unzip, wash, and zip back on.

douglas Mattress

All seven GoodMorning.com mattress brands are designed, manufactured, and sold in Canada by Canadians, for Canadians. As the inventor of the 120-night in-home sleep trial, GoodMorning.com proudly offers a 15-year warranty, free shipping, free returns, and a mattress donation program.

The bed in a box movement has changed the way we sleep forever. The best advice I can give you is to do your research! Companies like Douglas the stand behind their product with longer warranties and longer sleep guarantee’s care about your quality of sleep! Test sleep a mattress today! Shop GoodMorning.com and see if Douglas is the right fit for you!



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  1. I haven’t tried these types of boxed mattresses before, I like how you compared the two for us! So handy that they come straight to your door to unbox

  2. What a great comparison, We have the Endy and love it! Would definitely be interested in knowing how the Douglas Mattress is!

  3. We have been flip-flopping between upgrading our mattress, not only from a queen to a king but from a spring form to a spring-less like Endy or Douglas. Thank you for this! The timing is perfect!

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