Here at Ava to Zoe, we work hard to feature new and upcoming products or brands to share with our readers. We pride ourselves on showcasing content that helps out readers live their lives to their fullest. Is that you? Keep reading!

Ava to Zoe is a Vancouver based Lifestyle blog with an active and loyal fan base. Janette is Known for her strong work ethic, social media presence and as a contributor to many online parenting groups, Ava To Zoe is Vancouver’s Top Lifestyle Blog.

As a respected member of the handmade mompreneur community. The community behind Ava To Zoe actively seek out our reviews, business profiles and engaging branded narratives to help make purchasing decisions.

Janette Shearer operates Ava To Zoe, a Lifestyle blog with honesty, integrity and continues developing lasting connections to our readers and brand partners. We typically offer the following services, however, we are not limited to those stated below.

Over the years, Janette has had the distinct pleasure of partnering with many companies both large and small.  Janette has a knack for creating compelling, often humourous and relatable stories accompanied by beautiful photography. Our partners love collaborating with Janette and connecting with her readers in a very real and authentic way.

When you join the Ava to Zoe community, you can look forward to honest product reviews and kind, uplifting business features from companies that serve parents in a way that I love. We host fun giveaways, swap real-life stories, and share delicious recipes from meals that we ACTUALLY eat. You get the real deal, friends (from A to Z, and everything in between.)

Here are a few of the companies Here are just a few of the names we’ve worked with over the last four years, and are very proud to say that we’ve worked with many of these companies several times of over the last four years.

We work closely with our brand partners at Ava To Zoe to put together custom packages that to suit your business needs. Feel free to contact us or send

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